Joseph Smith dreamed big in 1830 when he founded The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He imagined an army of saints that would spread the Gospel and restore for the world what he said was the true church. More… From

New York Doll may well represent the most important contribution to LDS cinema in the last twenty years. More… From

"While cultural pundits have been debating the significance of that curious new practice of online journaling known as blogging, the writers at A Motley Vision, a weblog devoted to discussing Mormon art and culture, have proven that this new literary form fulfills the goals of good criticism that the Association for Mormon Letters has long [...]

Complete 2005 AML awards list

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The Association for Mormon Letters has posted the list of 2005 AML award winners. More… From

At first, Jenny Phillips wanted to do something about the last weeks of Christ's life. "That story is so powerful," she says.  But the more she got into it, the more she began to see it through the Apostle Peter's eyes. "I fell in love with his story. He took me on the journey with [...]

The Justice Department is demanding internal files from dozens of Internet service providers and other technology firms as it seeks to defend a controversial Internet child protection laws. More… From Yahoo News

For Mapleton dancer Jared Murillo, the third time really is the charm. Earlier this month, the 17-year-old took first place in the Youth Latin Championship of the U.S. National Amateur DanceSport Championships at Brigham Young University. It was his third crack at the prestigious ballroom competition. More… From The Daily Herald

Cable operator Comcast Corp. on Thursday said it will sell popular NBC television shows, such as "Law & Order" and "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno," through its video-on-demand service starting in May. More… From

Quick-draw artists

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Pixar – the iconic animation company that produced Toy Story, Monsters Inc and Finding Nemo – is marking its 20th anniversary. But can digital cartoons ever have the same charm as hand-drawn characters? More… From The BBC

Training thespians

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A performing arts school here gives its students the tools they need to land local auditions and star in area productions. More… From The Deseret News

Authorities say they are holding a Chinese filmmaker because he committed a crime, but they refuse to give any details or allow visitors, his sister said Thursday. Wu Hao, a Beijing-based documentary filmmaker, has been in police custody in the capital since Feb. 22. His sister, Wu Na, has demanded his release and an explanation [...]

Last February, the Salt Lake City branch of the Paul Green School of Rock celebrated its one-year anniversary.  For music director/school manager Steve Auerbach, the past 365 days have been full of rewards and challenges. "When the school started here, I was working 80 to 90 hours a week," Auerbach said. "Now, I'm down to [...]

Fire chars Dutcher's new offices

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Filmmaker Richard Dutcher is used to telling stories of people beset by trials and challenges on their personal paths to greatness.  After an early morning blaze charred his offices in Mapleton on Thursday, real life is mirroring fiction as Dutcher assesses the damages — and moves on with what is left. More… From The Deseret [...]

“You students are not having an experience on this big beautiful campus, with all your access to knowledge and technology just to go out and make a bunch of money, have a minivan, a nice house and an Irish setter,â€? Woodworth said. “You are here for reason.â€? More… From BYU Newsnet 

Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. said Thursday that after watching one episode of "Big Love," the racy new HBO series about polygamists in Utah, he didn't believe it would have any impact on the state's image. More…  From The Deseret News

From Shawn Bradley to Gladys Knight, from the invention of the television to the founding of Marriott Hotels, the world is full of famous members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, as emphasized by in the new book, “The LDS Top 5 Charts.� Read Entire Article From BYU Newsnet

You can't really call the Utah Shakespearean Festival's 75-minute touring production a "bus-and-truck" show, borrowing a phrase used to describe some Broadway tours. The Tony Award-winning company's all new touring drama "Macbeth" is more of a "minivan-and-trailer" production. Read Entire Article From The Deseret News

The entertainment industry gets a lot of press for its role in furthering the decline of civilization, if not leading the charge. The media are associated so much with all that is wrong in modern society that the term “good media� might strike many as an oxymoron. I believe, however, that there is much within [...]

For the third time in five years, Brigham Young University’s Vocal Point has qualified for the finals of the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella. This time they’re going. Read Entire Article From Meridian Magazine

A wave of religious books is coming to bookstores to cash in on "The Da Vinci Code" movie in May, including a book saying Jesus survived crucifixion and an Evangelical novel with a modern-day Mary Magdalene heroine. Read Entire Article From Reuters

Apple giants do battle in court

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The Beatles' record label Apple Corps has accused Apple Computer in court of breaching a trademark agreement by selling music. Read Entire Article From The BBC

"What's a longtime vituperative right-wing scandalmonger doing, talking to this audience about the value of education in the arts and the need for a new relevance in the presentation of the classics?" Read Entire Article From The Washington Post

Art lovers, history buffs and science devotees, take note: To get the most out of your next museum visit, make sure you have your cell phone with you. Read Entire Article From The Daily Herald

Howie Day's longing acoustic ballad "Collide" serves as the perfect score and title for Odyssey Dance Theatre's new acquired work by choreographer Dee Caspary. "Collide," a world premiere that is part of Odyssey's "Shut-Up and Dance" program, is a heartfelt number that touches the viewer's soul. The dancers' movements are poetic, fluid and provocative. And [...]

Last year’s article about my experience playing a mobber on the newly released LDS Church film, Joseph: Prophet of the Restoration, generated so much response I felt it was time to do a followup on a few things I have learned about “The Church Movie Biz.� Read Entire Article From Meridian Magazine

It's not uncommon for an actor or director to go from "next big thing" to "has been" in six years. But an entire movie genre? That fate seems to await Mormon Cinema, which started so promisingly back in 2000 when Richard Dutcher's "God's Army" burst on the scene. Read Entire Article From The Salt Lake [...]

One Voice, the debut album from Gladys Knight and the Saints Unified Voices, won the Grammy for Best Gospel Choir Album this afternoon at the 48th Annual Grammy Awards. Read Entire Article From Meridian Magazine

Madeleine concert celebrates choir

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Today's Cathedral of the Madeleine Founder's Day concert celebrates a milestone in the church's history, as it commemorates the Madeleine Choir School's 10th anniversary. Read Entire Article From The Deseret News

Opera in Logan is expanding

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The Utah Festival Opera is expanding its scope. The Utah Theater, at 18 West Center in Logan, will be renovated and added to the Utah Festival Opera's venues. Thanks to a grant from Larry H. and Gail Miller, the organization has acquired the historic Utah Theater located at 18 West Center in Logan. "This opens [...]

2006 LDS Film Festival a Huge Success

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With over 3800 people in attendance, the LDS Film Festival was again a huge success. The new home of the festival at the SCERA Center for the Arts in Orem marked a new milestone in the festival's history. Read Entire Article From Meridian Magazine

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