Pem Farnsworth dies at 97

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Elma G. Farnsworth, 97, the wife of the creator of television, died early Thursday in Bountiful. Read More…  From The Deseret Morning News 

It was inevitable moviemakers would ask audiences to relive the events of Sept. 11, 2001. We can only hope that all of them approach the subject with the same immediacy, detail and respect as writer-director Paul Greengrass does with "United 93." Read More…  From The Salt Lake Tribune 

Jared Hess discusses NACHO LIBRE…

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It’s always weird to interview someone, whose next film you haven’t seen and you have 30 minutes to an hour to discuss the film with them. I can’t wait to see NACHO LIBRE – as a fan of Luche Libre movies and Jack Black – I just can’t imagine this sucker going wrong. Read More…  [...]

A philanthropist plans to donate $1.5 million to BYU to train teachers of the arts for elementary schools. Read More… From The Daily Herald

"Music and the Spoken Word" — already the world's longest-running continuous network radio broadcast — will reach yet another milestone at 9:30 a.m. Sunday when it airs its 4,000th consecutive program with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Read More…  From The Deseret Morning News 

Marketing: New York Doll DVD

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The DVD for New York Doll has two different DVDs: the one sold at Amazon is for a general audience and the one sold at Deseret Book is tailored for a Mormon audience. Read More…  From A Motley Vision 

Protesters defend Mormons

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Members of the LDS Church did the Christian thing by turning the other cheek and refusing to let a San Diego protest turn ugly, according to Utah filmmaker Richard Dutcher. Read More…  From The Deseret Morning News

Funding of LDS post starts

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After a meeting scheduled today in Southern California, fund raising will officially begin for the Howard W. Hunter Chair in Mormon Studies at Claremont Graduate University. Read More… From The Deseret Morning News

Ballet art director leaving company

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Ballet West artistic director Jonas Kage is leaving the company. Kage, who is out of town in San Francisco and was unavailable for comment, announced to the Ballet West board of directors on Tuesday that he is leaving to "pursue other opportunities," according to board chairwoman Carol Carter. Read More…  From The Deseret Morning News

Shun debt

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A top leader of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints encouraged this year's graduates of Brigham Young University to avoid going into debt. Read More…  From The Deseret Morning News

Renovation for Capitol Theater?

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A renovation of the Capital Theatre could go forward if Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon gets his way. Read More…  From The Deseret Morning News

The study and sharing of children's literature is a rewarding task. Thankfully, the Deseret Morning News has been one of many avenues of that provision. Another, my new Web site,, is in its infancy but growing. Read More…  From The Deseret Morning News 

A computerized typewriter that translates electrical impulses from brainwave signals into letters and words could be available in the next five years. Read More…  From

In England, the person who reports the news on TV is not called an "anchorman" or "anchorwoman" or even an "anchorperson." He or she is called something much more practical and accurate.  He/she is called a "newsreader." Or a "presenter.  Because that's what they are. Read More…  From The Deseret Morning News

What, you're still watching television on your television set? How quaint. Next thing, you'll admit you still listen to “Suspenseâ€? on the Marconi. Read More…  From

The U.S. Public Broadcasting System is considering making its television shows available on the Internet or portable devices like MP3 players, its new president and chief executive officer said on Monday. Read More…  From Yahoo News

Ballet West's 'Swan Lake' soars

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Anticipation in the Capitol Theatre was thick as Ballet West began its initial performance of Jonas Kage's "Swan Lake."  With the success of the artistic director's last work, "Romeo and Juliet," expectations were high. The Capitol Theatre was all abuzz with excitable murmurings and conversations.  And when it was over, well, it's safe to say [...]

Keith Lockhart looked as if he were wired up for a journey into space last week before leading the Boston Symphony Orchestra in a family concert. Camera crews documented the backstage process of attaching sensors to his body and fitting him with a special Lycra biking jersey that held wires in place. A scientific experiment [...]

The newly translated "Gospel of Judas" doesn't contain the actual sayings of either Jesus or Judas, according to a panel of religious scholars who spoke at Brigham Young University on Saturday. Read More…  From The Deseret News

U2 lifts Episcopalian service

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As the electric guitar in the U2 anthem "Pride (In the Name of Love)" faded from four speakers, the Rev. Robert Brooks welcomed worshippers to Grace Episcopal Church with an unusual suggestion: He warned them to protect their hearing. Read More…  From The Deseret Morning News

CASPER – Attorneys on both sides say they're nearing an agreement on the management of Martin's Cove, a stretch of federal land where more than 100 Mormon handcart settlers died in a blizzard 150 years ago. Read More…  From The Billings Gazette

South Jordan planners and officials want your help in boosting arts — and it doesn't matter whether you have experience or even live in South Jordan. Read More…  From The Deseret Morning News

Valerie Hudson, a Brigham Young University political science professor whose research on China's gender imbalance has earned academic honors, will appear on CBS' "60 Minutes" program on Sunday. Read More…  From The Salt Lake Tribune

When interviewing patients whose bodies died for a time while he worked feverishly to bring them back to life, Elder Russell M. Nelson gained an uncommon perspective on what it means to die. Read More…  From The Deseret Morning News

Bill Cosby talks to parents

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Bill Cosby's first appearance here in five years wasn't for telling jokes, but to implore parents to be involved in all aspects of their children's lives. "If you're not doing that, then you should be ashamed of yourself," Cosby said Thursday as the moderator for discussions on parenting, education and social responsibility at Xavier University [...]

Police have arrested a man in connection with the heist of rare books and medals from the Daughters of Utah Pioneers museum in a caper that targeted early Mormon history. Investigators said Friday they believe they're close to rounding up all the suspects in the theft of artifacts with estimated worth in excess of $1 [...]

Bilingual Student Records LDS Album

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In a small recording studio in Orem, Rebecca Lopez closed her eyes and began to sing her own arrangement of a traditional hymn — an arrangement which involves five parts, all sung by her. Read More…  From BYU Newsnet 

As downloading becomes universal, the singles charts (for too long in thrall to the marketing power of record companies and tastes of teenagers) will once more start to reflect the real listening experience of the general population. Read More… From The Telegraph

TO REACH her church to celebrate Good Friday today, Sameera Girgis will be smuggled on to a bus at a secret location, walk through a chicane of razor wire, and submit to a body search by gunmen guarding the Evangelical Protestant Church in central Baghdad. Security teams will check even her Bible to ensure that [...]

The Utah native — best known for his role as the bad guy in the movie "Legally Blonde" — has landed his first regular role in a TV series. He's a member of the ensemble cast of ABC's new comedy/drama "What About Brian." Read More…  From The Deseret News 

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