Erin Thomas, a former BYU student, was shocked when she found out BYU was canceling its interior and fashion design programs. BYU cut the programs several years ago due to a lack of funding for the arts, a dilemma which has become an increasing concern for numerous universities and public schools. Read More…  From BYU [...]

One day, early in my career at a children’s book publisher here in New York, I told my boss how bad the books of another, well-known and well-established, children’s book publisher were in my view. To my surprise, he disagreed, and told me that this publisher and these books had played, and continued to play, [...]

Professors write award-winning hymn

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Bursts of creativity over the last few years led two BYU professors to write and compose an award-winning hymn that received recognition among names such as Janice Kapp Perry and David Macfarlane. Read More…  From BYU Newsnet 

Dan Truman loves returning to his alma mater. So it's no surprise the Brigham Young University graduate comes to town with a full schedule. On this stop, his agenda looks something like this: visit old friends, stop by former hangouts — and perform in a major concert. Read More…  From The Provo Daily Herald 

As a passenger in a taxi cab driving along the busy streets of New York, graphic artist Milton Glaser created a new and final draft of his simple but well-known logo, "I love NY." Read More…  From BYU Newsnet 

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but for Justin Hayward, a self-portrait turned out to be worth a thousand dollars and a free trip to Washington, D.C. – not to mention national recognition as an accomplished portraitist. Read More… From BYU Newsnet

Computerized tones beep out the lively melody to "Called to Serve" as a keyboard-controlled cartoon missionary drags his tubby "greenie" companion from door to door, facing rejection after monotonous rejection. Read More…  From BYU Newsnet 

Kathryn is a fourth-generation southern Georgia Mormon. Her great grandmother joined the Church when the missionaries came through right after the Civil War. Read More…  From Meridian Magazine 

Quick. If you haven't accidentally recorded over them, dig out those old videos of your wedding, the kids on Easter Sunday, the trip to the Washington Monument where the elevator stuck and everyone in the car was so funny about the dicey situation. Read More…  From The Chicago Tribune 

Keith Lockhart, conductor of the Boston Pops Orchestra and music director of the Utah Symphony, has been named artistic advisor of Brevard Music Center effective Oct. 1, 2007. Read More… From The Citizen Times

The thriving artist

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Ryan Brown shares an academic approach to drawing Read More…  From The Deseret Morning News 

Leave me alone . . .

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Where once our daily life interrupted our work, now our work interrupts our work. We have become enslaved to the very communications technology that was supposed to free us from office drudgery, from travel, from face-to-face meetings with disagreeable co-workers. There are hopes, however, that technology will once again come to the rescue. Read More…  [...]

Utah pianists take home gold medal

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The Utah piano duo made up of Lenora Brown and Gaye England won first place in the New England Conservatory International Ensemble Competition in Boston last month. Read More…  From The Salt Lake Tribune 

Long-gone tree can't rest in peace

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There is a monument on 600 East celebrating the "lone cedar tree," purported to be the only cedar tree in the Salt Lake Valley when the pioneers arrived in 1847. Read More…  From The Deseret Morning News 

You might not have heard of Milton Glaser, but you almost certainly have seen his work. Glaser, one of the most influential graphic designers of the late 20th century, is the creative mind behind hundreds of posters, album covers and the "I ¤ NY" promotional logo – considered the most frequently copied design of its [...]

There's a lot of pressure in the worldwide auditions leading up to the prestigious Gina Bachauer International Piano Competition, under way in Salt Lake City — and even more pressure for those who get into the contest. Read More… From The Deseret Morning News 

Mikhail Baryshnikov, Leningrad. Isadora Duncan, London. Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, Hollywood.  Jaymz Tuaileva and Allison Holker, Orem. Read More…  From The Deseret Morning News 

A film by a Brigham Young University professor that was inspired by personal tribulation won awards at the Mendocino Film Festival. Read More…  From The Deseret Morning News 

5 Browns show off skills

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The 5 Browns — Desirae, Deondra, Gregory, Melody and Ryan — returned to their hometown and performed for a crowd of family, friends and fans. Read More… From The Deseret Morning News 

Shakespeare in Cedar City

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Traditionally, the 45th anniversary is considered the "sapphire" anniversary.Bill Christ and Jacqueline Antaramian as "Antony and Cleopatra."  That being the case, one of this season's most spectacular shows at the Utah Shakespearean Festival — the rarely produced "Antony and Cleopatra" — will feature exquisite costuming and lots of sapphires and other jewelry, according to festival [...]

Dance was for dad — still is

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One of my earliest memories is of wearing a red polyester skirted leotard that Mom made for my ballet-class debut. The picture shows me standing in a made-up dance pose, blushing, my bangs cut to the nub by rubber-handled scissors and my own hand. Read More…  From The Deseret Morning News 

If there's a bellwether of how new federal regulations will affect television, it may be this: PBS is changing its rules about swearing. Read More…  From The Boston Globe 

To many in the industry, YouTube, launched in February 2005, and other sites like it are potential enemies, the TV version of Napster, whose early reputation as a song-piracy enabler made it a pariah to record companies. After all, in addition to allowing people like Brodack to distribute their own work, these sharing sites also [...]

Nacho Libre

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"It's such a fine line between stupid and clever," Spinal Tap frontman David St. Hubbins famously said — and on that line director and BYU alum Jared Hess has pitched his tent, first for "Napoleon Dynamite" and now on the embarrassingly funny "Nacho Libre." Read More… From The Salt Lake Tribune 

Like Napoleon Dynamite, his famous cinematic creation, Jared Hess feels no urge to be famous or popular. Read More… From The Deseret Morning News 

Since its creation in 2001, the BYU program has won five Emmys for student projects. "Turtles" also won a Student Emmy, along with the caveman tale, "Noggin." Read More… From BYU Newsnet

'Movin' Out' brings dancer home

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Troy Edward Bowles grew up in Preston, Idaho, and wanted to be gymnast. Then in high school, he discovered dance. Bowles took a dance class in Logan and then found himself at the University of Utah on a ballet scholarship from 1995-97. Soon after, he was a member of Derryl Yeager's Odyssey Dance Theatre. Read [...]

When Matt Dahl signed on to be the new executive director of This Is the Place Heritage Park, he knew the park was in a financial red zone. Read More… From The Deseret Morning News

Process is nostalgic and new when using computer editing Read More… From The Deseret Morning News

Famed physicist Stephen Hawking said Thursday that Pope John Paul II tried to discourage him and other scientists attending a cosmology conference at the Vatican from trying to figure out how the universe began. Read More…  From The Deseret Morning News 

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