BYU music professor honored

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Before Mindy Gledhill, before Cherie Call, before Julie de Azevedo – there was Ron Simpson, and he knew them and he taught them. Read More…  From BYU Newsnet 

Arizona-based pianist William Joseph is new to the local music scene, but he's already made a huge impact. He took home six Pearl Awards Tuesday night at the Faith-Centered Music Association's annual celebration of excellence in the Madsen Recital Hall at Brigham Young University. Read More…  From The Deseret Morning News

Not every kid grows up playing with a baseball signed by Roger Clemens or leaves home for two years to tell others about his faith. But in the Dowling household on Beechwood Terrace, where Boston sports are practically a religion and the Mormon religion is a lifestyle, it’s all par for the course. Read More…  [...]

'The Mormons' is big at PBS

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How big a deal is "The Mormons" to PBS? The two-part, three-hour documentary scheduled to air next April will mark the first-ever collaboration between two of public broadcasting's big guns — the award-winning series "Frontline" and "American Experience." Read More…  From The Deseret Morning News 

Rights, Wrongs, and the Law

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One of the oddest, most harmful political beliefs to emerge in the past 50 years is the notion that one cannot legislate morality. What utter nonsense. Man has always legislated morality. Read More…  From Meridian Magazine 

It seems fitting that a master of television be the one to produce a play and film about the Utah farm boy who invented television. Read More… From The Salt Lake Tribune 

Mormons well represented on 'Dance'

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Benji Schwimmer chuckles every time the judges on the hit reality show "So You Think You Can Dance" say performers are dancing for their lives. Read More…  From The Salt Lake Tribune 

The history of Latter-day Saint pioneers who died on the trek to Utah could have been lost forever without their diaries. Read More…  From The Deseret Morning News 

Shawn Hogan, Hero

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Last November, Shawn Hogan received an unsettling call: A lawyer representing Universal Pictures and the Motion Picture Association of America informed the 30-year-old software developer that they were suing him for downloading Meet the Fockers over BitTorrent. Hogan was baffled. Read More…  From Wired 

Stumbling Blocks to Creativity

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With each unique purpose in life comes God-given capacity. No matter your present abilities, your gifts were designed to be developed. No gift is given in a perfect state, or a hopeless state. Their very nature is to grow toward perfection. Read More… From Meridian Magazine

In a place where towns are named after Book of Mormon soldiers, where the biggest building is an LDS temple and where 8.5 of every 10 people are LDS, you'd just have to know the main event in Sanpete County every Pioneer Day begins with the following words: "Allriiiight boys, are you ready to wreck [...]

LDS Apostle Parley P. Pratt, his pregnant wife Phoebe, and Elder Rufus C. Allen arrived in this bustling seaport Nov. 8, 1851. They had come to Chile to see if it was yet ripe for Mormon missionary work. Read More…  From The Salt Lake Tribune 

In his first year as a Mormon, Oscar Campos lost his business, his car, his home, his confidence. Read More…  From The Salt Lake Tribune 

I may be coming across as a bit of a complainer, with my past criticism of Deseret Book, Self Publishing and the LDS product industry. Instead of criticizing, let me point out an example of cooperation that might serve as a model for others. I believe that by working with each others, artists can achieve [...]

Tall, slender, beautiful and talented, Temple Taggart McDowell has the poise of someone used to the spotlight. Read More…  From The Salt Lake Tribune 

Appropriately for Pioneer Day in Utah, Congress gave final approval on Monday to forming two new "national heritage areas" designed at least in part to honor Mormon pioneers and the architecture and culture they created. Read More…  From The Deseret Morning News 

The PBS documentarian Ken Burns has been working for six years on “The War,� a soldier’s-eye view of World War II, and those who have seen parts of the 14-plus hours say they are replete with salty language appropriate to discussions of the horrors of war. What viewers will see and hear when the series [...]

A historic theater group travels back in time, and even the wrong way sometimes, for a look at the grand and graying. Read More…  From The LA Times 

Pirates of the Great Salt Lake

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What happens when everyone says they like the movie you've made but nobody will book it into theaters? That's the challenge facing Utah filmmaker E.R. Nelson, director of a quirky comedy called "Pirates of the Great Salt Lake." Read More…  From The Salt Lake Tribune

Complaints from members of Utah's congressional delegation that a Smithsonian Museum exhibit displayed LDS Church founders in a negative light may have prompted a change to the exhibit. Read More…  From The Daily Herald 

Where ARTS thou?

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Despite our hundreds of channels, fine-arts shows remain elusive. Like opera? You get Kathy Griffin. Ballet buff? You'll have to settle for buff gym rats. It's as big a mystery as Mona Lisa's smile. Read More… 

Dancers celebrate Nikolais

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Missionary reunions are nothing new in Utah. But this week, a group of missionaries gathers in Salt Lake City to spread the word about a different kind of religion: dance. Read More…

… I'd like our theatres to have one-tenth of the bravura, imagination and downright nerve of the WWE when it comes to promoting and presenting their own. We live in the world of the self-fulfilling prophecy, where perception is more important than actuality. Read More… From The Toronto Star 

Just whose idea is it anyway?

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In the new "Age of Copyright," dynasties are founded on cartoon characters, lawyers play extreme sports, and we all break the law. It's never been easier to stake a creative claim — or jump one. Read More… From The LA Times 

The technology behind cleaning clothes has spun through more than a few cycles over the last century, from clunky hand-cranked machines to today's gleaming appliances that can detect a load's size and even how much grime is ground into the fabric. Read More…  From The Salt Lake Tribune 

Art takes flight in downtown SLC

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If you're on 200 South near the Hotel Monaco in downtown Salt Lake City and see a guy loitering beside a trio of sculptures atop tall poles, it may be Shawn Porter. Read More…  From The Salt Lake Tribune 

Dance to the music

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UVSC professor passes on traditional African dance moves Read More…  From The Deseret Morning News 

No smugness at ClearPlay

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Even though ClearPlay is the last company standing after a recent Hollywood legal war concluded early in July, the company's chief executive officer, Bill Aho, still feels a sense of loss. Read More…  From The Deseret Morning News 

EVEN as David Lehre’s “MySpace: The Movie,� an 11-minute parody of the social-networking Web site, spawned a high-profile feeding frenzy, some of the Hollywood agents, managers and lawyers who were clamoring to represent him didn’t know much about who he was, what he did or what they would do if they got him. But they [...]

People who park their cars in the lot of Salt Lake City's Lindsey Gardens and head over to eat a picnic lunch in the shade of the bowery might not even notice the marker a hundred yards away. Flanked by bushes, with two chipped benches and a flagless flagpole in front of it, the marker [...]

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