Long-time U2 manager Paul McGuinness gave a speech at the the Midem music industry convention in Cannes yesterday, January 28th. In the speech he talks about what is destroying the record music industry. And the title of the spiel ‘The Online Bonanza: Who is making all the money and why aren’t they sharing it?’ should [...]

About five years ago, I was doing research for a story when I came across the news clipping. It was old and yellowed and at the bottom of a file on a basketball coach named Cecil Baker, who was being inducted into the Utah Basketball Hall of Fame. More…

President Gordon B. Hinckley will be the 11th president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to be buried in the Salt Lake City Cemetery. More…

Three years into President Gordon B. Hinckley's tenure as head of the LDS Church, CNN talk show host Larry King asked the then-88-year-old leader if he'd thought about retiring. More…

On the morning of March 13, 1995, the lobby of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building was filled with an unusual conglomerate of guests – journalists from across the globe, awaiting the introduction of the new president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the man whom its members believed to be a literal [...]

Imagine a place in southern Utah where you can ride dolphins, watch sea turtles swim and possibly run into a movie star. More…

Of all the genres of art we are now familiar with, all but a very few are products of modernism and the bourgeois takeover of the art world in the 20th century. More…

Thank you, President Hinckley.  We love you. 15th President, Prophet, Seer and Revelator of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Soprano Rachel Willis-Sorensen, 23, won first place in the Rocky Mountain Regional finals of the Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions on Jan. 19. More…

LOGAN — Will Kesling is the last person you'd expect to have stage fright. After all, he's conducted the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and was conductor of the opening ceremonies for the 2002 Paralympics in Salt Lake City. He's also conducted choirs, orchestras and musicals in more than 20 countries, and several of his choirs have [...]

SPRINGVILLE — As part of a strategy to revitalize downtown, Springville's City Council has decided to purchase the historic Villa Theatre on Main Street. More…

Alwin Nikolais was a theatrical jack-of-all-trades. He choreographed. He composed. He designed costumes and sets. He did the lighting design for his works. More…

Apple offers MacBook Air buyers the option of purchasing the ultralight notebook with a solid-state drive instead of the more typical hard drive. But solid-state storage is so expensive that few customers are likely to go for it — and, experts say, it won't be an affordable alternative to hard drive storage for many years. [...]

The deadline for members of the Church to submit original music and theatrical works is only a few months away. Both submissions are due by March 31, 2008. The purpose of the submission program is threefold: to encourage members to bless their families and others by developing their talents, to encourage members to use their [...]

Benefit concert to feature Peter Breinholt, Alex Boye and others Friday night, singers and basketball players, designers and ticket sellers, educators and restauranteurs will join together with one purpose at Springville High School: to support the family of James Timothy Hall, whose tragic death in October left his wife and five children heartbroken and hurting [...]

One of Utah's most successful talent-show competitors is headed for Hollywood and the next round of the "American Idol" auditions. David Archuletta of Murray, who was a big winner on "Star Search" in 1993, advanced to the next round after wowing the judges at his San Diego audition. The Murray High student (who turned 17 [...]

The untold story of black Mormons is a compelling one and a story that needs to be told, even shouted from the rooftops. Fortunately, this film makes a good start as it explores the history, the faith and the bigotry that has existed since the origin of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. [...]

The LDS Film Festival has come of age with this clean but adult-themed movie that takes an intense look at extreme forgiveness and restorative justice. Writer/director Charles Oliver, in his first feature-length film, has captured the essence of how forgiveness frees the soul. Oliver's special effects and colorization add to the film's intensity. The jumps [...]

Finished just hours before the producers screened it at the 7th Annual LDS Film Festival at the SCERA Center for the Arts, this endearing film tells the story of Rachel Taylor, played by Erin Chambers, who is called to Austria to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. All the [...]

Shot in two weeks with a $150,000 budget, this movie capitalizes on blood, guts and violence to tell its story. But then, violent movies are typically low-cost. It's a yarn about an ex-Navy SEAL, Michael Adams, played by Matthew Reese, who was captured during a raid to free Japanese prisoners from a North Korean prison [...]

"Forever Strong" is an enjoyable watch, one of those movies that picks you up and takes you for a nice ride without any serious suffering. So it can be forgiven for having a predictable conclusion and final score. (Just once, it might be fun to see the favored team lose by half a point.) The [...]

This moving film depicts the spiritual side of Elvis Presley at the end of his life and his search for redemption. The performance by Las Vegas Elvis impersonator Matt Lewis as the King of Rock 'n' Roll searching for the King of Kings, as the promoters say, is outstanding, including his singing of some of [...]

Not all movies at the LDS Film Festival have lighthearted or Mormon-culture themes. One such film this year, "Hold the Door," is dark and perplexing at times. The film is based on Fyodor Dostoevsky's "The Idiot," a tale of forgiveness between two young men, and is set in New York with Latino actors. At an [...]

Five years after she was a top-six finalist, Carmen Rasmusen still gets excited about "American Idol." "To this day, when I hear that (theme) music, my tummy does a flip-flop," Rasmusen said. And she hopes to share her excitement in a weekly column about the current season of "American Idol" a feature that debuts in [...]

Imagine this: Standing in line at your favorite restaurant in Salt Lake City and getting a number. "How long will the wait be?" you ask as you casually look down at the number the hostess gave you. "About eight hours." Eight hours? Appalled, you look down at the number once more: 13,171. You think to [...]

I have continued to be impressed by how the LDS public affairs staff continues to articulate so well where journalistic writing about the church and its members goes wrong. I don’t know if it’s doing any good. I don’t know that they expect to really have an effect on the mainstream media. But these commentaries [...]

There are a few LDS singers who are going to Hollywood this season on American Idol. We all remember Carmen Rasmusen and Jon Peter Lewis from past seasons (among a few other almost-finalists). Both Carmen and Jon are gigging regularly and have recently released new albums. (I’ve seen Carmen showcase in Nashville and perform locally, [...]

The other day I had an interesting experience on campus. Having just taken a department job, I was in the office trying to work out nuts and bolts with the secretary. She, an obviously overworked lady with disheveled hair and granny-style clothing, was none too pleased to be dealing with my problems. In between our [...]

Rick Robinson's "Evolutions of Dance" 2008 has moved to the Covey Center for the Arts. It's the third year Robinson has put on the show, filled with some 35 local dancers from Salt Lake and Utah counties. The two previous shows were held at the SCERA Center for the Arts in Orem. A preview of [...]

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