Questions about Glenn Beck's faith are being posed by thousands of Internet-browsing Americans still exploring affiliations of the wound-up fury of fiery conservatism. Searches asking if Glenn Beck is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have recently reached an all-time high on the Web, according to an analysis of major [...]

Two LDS church members competed against more than 3,000 talented musicians and won the opportunity to appear in the world's first online-auditioned orchestra at New York's Carnegie Hall in April 2009. YouTube, a popular online video sharing Web site, sent out a call for musicians of all ages, levels of expertise, and locations to compete [...]

Are you a Liahona, an Iron Rod, or just an apostate? Last December, I overheard a group of BYU students discussing Proposition 8, the church-backed California ballot initiative proposing a statewide ban on gay marriage. The students were animated and thoughtful in their discussion, but the general consensus might have startled some Latter-day Saints. The [...]

The first group of students to have Nauvoo University on their transcripts will attend the Illinois school this fall. University officials expect about 50 students in the inaugural class. Officials expect the school to eventually expand to include four-year degrees. via MormonTimes

Rose Datoc Dall is one of those brilliant women who seems to have it all figured out. She’s the proud mother of four great children. She’s a gifted musician. She’s beautiful and confident. She devotes free time to church callings and volunteer work at the local high school. She’s a fan of Segullah (and was [...]

While it's no secret that nearly every couple has some degree of difficulty and adjustment in their marriage relationship, the solutions to those challenges often seem elusive and out of reach. Drawing on their expertise as a marriage counselor and as marriage workshop leaders, Gary and Joy Lundberg reveal what they call "fourteen secrets every [...]

The infamous Mountain Meadows Massacre, inscrutable enough just on the basis of the known facts, has been clouded over the past century and a half by myths and misconceptions. via LDS Church News

SANTAQUIN — Who knew that when Wes Morgan was working on the Saturn 5 rocket for NASA, he was honing the skills he would someday need to build a log cabin in Santaquin? And who would guess that the same principles would apply to rocket science and a rustic, pioneer home? via MormonTimes

Wilford C. Wood had a magificent obsession for historical sites and artifacts. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints President Thomas S. Monson joined the Mormon Historic Sites Foundation and the LDS Church History Department Thursday in honoring Wood and his family for their role in preserving church history sites and artifacts. Wood was "a [...]

he Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints lost one of its great orators and scholars with the passing of Truman G. Madsen on Thursday. The emeritus professor of philosophy at Brigham Young University and former director of the Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies died at his Provo home after a yearlong battle with [...]

With millions of visitors each year, Temple Square was recently recognized by Forbes magazine as the 16th most visited attraction in America. The 35-acre area draws visitors from all over the world because of its renowned research libraries, cultural activities and historic buildings — most notably the Salt Lake Temple, at the center of Temple [...]

One day, Jon Schmidt and his daughter were listening to her favorite song, which is "Love Story" from Taylor Swift. She told him to put it on his next album, but as he played it he noticed something. Well, with over 1 million views in roughly six weeks, Schmidt says it has become the second [...]

While several have served missions for the LDS Church, George Barrus has been on five or six missions for the church around the globe. But none of their stories may be so glamorous as what former broadcast professor Duane Roberts will be doing this fall. "My wife and I will be teaching in China this [...]

During my mission, I listened to a lot of Christ-themed music. A lot of it was Mormon, but when we could, we would try to listen to the more "mainstream" Christian music. Sadly, I found a lot of the LDS-made music lacking – and not just in quality of music (it felt like they never [...]

Jonna Pirinen is a Finnish singer/songwriter. She recently returned to Finland after spending a year and a half in the United States writing an English album. Website: via Mormon Artist

The forbidden fruit was grandpa’s video camera. His family wouldn’t let him near it except for the occasional narrated house tour, and soon Jared Cook’s curiosity grew to become his passion. From his humble beginnings rolling a Hi-8 camera with high school friends, Cook recently completed an internship with director Ron Howard on the set [...]

Katie Miner believes there's more that unites artists in the Christian music genre than divides them, even when some of those artists, like her, are Mormon. "We can enjoy the commonalities that we have," the songwriter said. "(And) we can respect where we differ." Miner, a lifelong member of The Church of Jesus Christ of [...]

YouTube – Dieter F. Uchtdorf – CREATE.

Brigham Young University's first theatrical film release debuted this month, after years of combined effort by students and professors from departments across the Provo campus. "Fire Creek," a feature-length film about a U.S. soldier returning from war, was first written in 2004, with post-production wrapping up as recently as last semester. It premiered in various [...]

The LDS Church started a radio station this week. The 24/7 service is accessible worldwide. Mormons will be able to tune in while attending BYU in Provo, dodging military patrols in Venezuela or herding goats in Kenya. According to a church spokesman, the programming will be a bit on the subdued/dull side. I'm paraphrasing, of [...]

With cameras in hand, Tom and Becky Welker stopped by the grave of President Gordon B. Hinckley to take a quick picture and pay their respects at the Salt Lake City Cemetery. The Welkers, from New Market, Tenn., were in Salt Lake City for their son’s wedding last week and found time to do something [...]

New research on Mormons and media show that media are making attempts to distinguish between FLDS and LDS. Other research shows the polarization that often occurs in Utah media over controversial issues, in this case the cancellation of the movie "Brokeback Mountain" in some Utah theaters in 2006. A new study of newspaper coverage after [...]

But perhaps his most enduring legacy, according to his son Ethan, is the mentorship he provided for younger artists. Throughout his career, it was common to see Ric amid a crowd of aspiring painters or sketchers around his living room table on a Saturday morning, he said. via  Daily Herald

“One of the things I have prayed for,” said Elder Ballard, “is that I may live long enough to see this building built.” He then went on to address the work that needs to continue and referred to BYU Broadcasting as, “a voice that will be heard around the world, the voice of the Lord.” [...]

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — From ballet dancers to cancer research, the entities that benefit from Utah charitable foundations may soon feel the pinch of the downturned economy. Foundations have used endowment earnings to inject about $130 million a year into programs that touch the lives of nearly every Utah. But executives say next year [...]

"Mormonism and the Land of Lincoln" reads the title of the 44th annual Mormon History Association Conference and in preparing for the conference in Springfield, historians searched for links connecting the Prophet to the 16th President. BYU Professor Susan Easton Black found one. Or more specifically, she found a man both Joseph Smith and Abraham [...]

It all comes down to what you believe does the most to feed the soul. And even in communities like the LDS community — a group the world often sees as more homogenized than milk — there is room for more than one kind of soul food. via MormonTimes

As a writer, poet, musician, and designer, I am an ardent participant and observer of the arts. Over the years, I’ve thought over what the arts have and will mean for the Church, for saints, and for nations. I’m no stranger to the speculation among our members for “what’s in store,” both pertaining directly to [...]

MAKING INDIES: Live the dream Here at MAKING INDIES, our main objective is to help other independent filmmakers reach their goals, and enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes with having produced a film. The articles written here are from experience, not some hypothetical textbook. All of the articles within this website are from producers, [...]

People of Paradox: A History of Mormon Culture – April 02, 2009 by Terryl L. Givens reviewed by Neal W. Kramer Despite the recent boom in academic Mormon studies, there has continued to be a gap. History and ancient studies, theology and polemical apologetics, and scriptural interpretation and application have dominated the scene, while relatively [...]

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