When Lynn Thompson, producer and creator of the “Pioneer Legacy” pageant, first saw the stone tears on the statue of a pioneer woman she felt something change inside herself. via Universe.byu.edu.

In one of the most impressive spending sprees in art history, Thomas Holloway, an 80-year-old English multi-millionaire, purchased 77 of the finest contemporary British paintings available—spending the equivalent of many millions in today’s dollars and breaking several auction records—to furnish an art museum for the London women’s college he founded in 1879. via Meridian Magazine

Aspiring singers, songwriters, musicians, producers, and performers, listen up. Summer Jam West 2009 is coming to South Jordan, Utah. There's something here for everyone who is interested in getting involved in the music business. via MormonTimes

One night, my parents were at Blockbuster and they happened to run into President Romney. They chatted for a bit, and my parents mentioned they were having trouble picking a movie to rent. Much to my parents' surprise, Mitt enthusiastically suggested the 1993 Mike Meyers comedy, So I Married an Axe Murderer. via MormonTimes

NAUVOO, IL — More than a thousand actors and never-before players flock to the city of Nauvoo during July to perform what's called the Nauvoo Pageant. via KHQA.

Wheelwright said the plan also preserves expansion options for the Polynesian Cultural Center, which would have to expand along with the university because most of its students work there to offset college expenses. The PCC has about 250 full-time employees and hires an additional 700 students, he said. via  The Honolulu Advertiser.

The term "struggling artist" has taken on new meaning in today's economy. via Salt Lake Tribune.

The Polynesian Cultural Center, owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in O'ahu, Hawaii, will soon see one long-standing tradition end and a new one begin. On Aug. 14, the long running evening show "Horizons: Where the Sea Meets the Sky," which has packed Hawaii's top paid attraction since 1996, will be [...]

When I was a camper back in the dial-up days of the '90s, my father's computer-typed letters were as high-tech as it got. So when I started writing "Slept Away," a novel set at a present-day sleep-away camp, I dove back into the world of bug juice and kickball to see how much camp had [...]

"Our corporate management team and market managers have looked at this very carefully and thoughtfully," said Bonneville president and chief executive Bruce Reese. "We believe these adjustments are reasonable and necessary to maintain the health of our company and its valued employees." via Deseret News

Come to think of it, if it weren't for the friends of God — the doers — there could be no church history. Inspiring history has a price. via MormonTimes

From the dawn of this gospel dispensation, the Lord has enshrined music as an essential part of our liturgy. Three months after the organization of the Church, the Lord gave a revelation to the Prophet Joseph Smith instructing that his wife, Emma, make a selection of sacred hymns. The revelation contained the passage, quoted so [...]

Last year I asked, "Should missionaries blog?" I exclaimed "Yes" and then proceeded to provide a list of pros and cons about how missionaries could use blogs to keep in touch with families, but warned to be aware of privacy issues. In this latest installment, I have additional caveats and I again use Dr. B's [...]

Hollywood is a tough town. But for Mormons seeking success in the entertainment industry, LDS wards can be a refuge and support. For Godfrey, a returned missionary and native Utahn who is attempting to carve out a career singing, acting and performing, the Hollywood Ward is "sort of like a home away from home." via [...]

The film is called CleanFlix and follows the publicly open but privately conflicted Daniel Thompson through the legal and moral battles he would face, while offering a revealing look behind the scenes of the sanitized movie industry and the Mormon culture that spawned it. via Examiner.com.

Bailey is one of a handful of artists who zero in on air aviation art — jet planes and vintage aircraft and rockets. It demands not only attention to detail but a critical eye for perspective and a gift for capturing action in the sky. via MormonTimes

The DUP just finished the large task of digitizing its collection of family histories — more than 100,000 pioneers now may be searched for in a database. More than 25,000 photo negatives of pioneers are now being digitized as well. via MormonTimes

For the 12th year in a row, Brigham Young University has claimed the title of the most stone-cold sober school in the nation. via Deseret News | BYU is soberest in nation — again.

From assistance provided in the wake of the devastating December 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami to the emergency relief responses following the May 2006 Indonesian earthquake, the LDS Church and Islamic Relief have proved to be provident partners. via Deseret News | LDS, Islamic leaders share relief efforts.

Diller, 67, joined a group of media chiefs, from Liberty Media Corp.’s John Malone to Walt Disney Co. CEO Robert Iger, who are challenging the accepted model that consumers pay for Internet access and then content is free. Diller predicted there will be three revenue streams: advertising, subscriptions and transactions. via Diller Calls Free Web [...]

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — For eons, people have reached out to the Almighty with prayers and supplications. Soon they might be able to use their iPhones. via Deseret News

At the end of her visit, Hedab El Tarifi, vice chairwoman of the Muslim Public Affairs Council National Board of Directors and executive secretary of the Board of the Islamic Center of Southern California, said, "Now I can actually answer questions if I hear certain comments about the Mormons." She said it would give her [...]

The report also shows that LDS followers feel more threatened by Hollywood than do members of other religions. The study said 68 percent agree their values are often threatened by the entertainment industry, which is much lower among the general population, of which about 42 percent feel threatened. via Salt Lake Tribune.

NEW DELHI — Their voices rang out, echoing in the nearby passageway. “Count your many blessings,” they sang. “Name them one by one. Count your many blessings. See what God hath done.” And so, the women, some 25 of them, members of the Sisters Committee at one of the six churches of the Church of [...]

This Orem couple's story is nearly normal. She is from the East Coast (North Carolina) and he from the West Coast (Southern California), and they met in Provo. They got married nine years ago, bought a home and have four children. That's about where the normal ends for Curt and Tonia Doussett. via Daily Herald

Those wheels west toward a distant mountain valley called Salt Lake and a dream called Zion were so much a part of the thinking of the early Saints that even the separation of family members, sending one at a time as the means could manage, was common. Just to set your foot there, for a [...]

Mormons are storytellers. They love a good tale of faith amid persecution, divine intervention, mysterious assistance, proselytizing prowess and Mormon ingenuity. via Salt Lake Tribune.

Mormons are few in China, a country of 1.3 billion people. An LDS-related publication, cumorah.com, said in 2006, the number of Mormons in mainland China numbered just 500, though a woman who frequently travels to Beijing estimated the number in the "thousands." A post on ldschurchgrowth.blogspot.com says "China is seen as one of the last [...]

Q: I heard you'd never do a sex scene because of your Mormon beliefs. So, no sex scenes ever? A: "Probably not. You probably won't see a lot of those with me. I don't think you'd want to, anyway." Q: Is it true you speak fluent Japanese? A: "Yes, it is. I lived there for [...]

A walk down the streets of Pioneer Village in This is the Place Heritage Park isn’t just a fun stroll through Utah’s pioneer past; it’s a remembered testimonial to determined saints who established a foundation of faith in a fledgling American state. via Universe.byu.edu.

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