The West's early photographers were practitioners of a developing art — capturing images of pioneer life and industry that preserved the era with a clarity the world had never witnessed before. via Deseret News

In her 17 years as Curator of Religious Art at BYU's Museum of Art, Dawn Pheysey has seen the Religious collection grow in amazing and often miraculous ways. Join us for a walk-through and talk-through of "Types and Shadows" and learn how in both art and in life, everything testifies of Christ. Also, Click Here [...]

I want to talk really in some general terms about the reliability of Mormon history produced by the Church. I think there has been in years past the sentiment that the Church hedged on the way that it did business; that it was not forthright in what was published; that it was afraid of its [...]

Provo » When renowned photographers Ansel Adams and Dorothea Lange ventured into the southern Utah towns of St. George, Gunlock and Toquerville to produce the photo essay "Three Mormon Towns" for LIFE magazine in 1954, the joint project started with a bang. It ended in something of a whimper with limited exposure. via Salt Lake [...]

Mark Arnett did not exactly set out to become an award-winning documentary filmmaker. The Arizona lawyer didn't even plan on being a filmmaker. All he knew was that he had a compelling story that he thought needed to be told. via Deseret News

Visitors to art museums or galleries sometimes utilize a passive eye while viewing a painting or sculpture. Dont forget that art is interactive. Its a two-way communication tool that allows an artist to introduce an image — then its up to the viewer to ingest and interpret that images meanings and messages. via LDS Church [...]

Most lead singers of rock bands don't ask the tour-bus driver to drop them off in Nauvoo, Ill., on cross-country tours. Most lead singers of rock bands aren't The Killers' Brandon Flowers, a proud and practicing member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. via Salt Lake Tribune.

The Mormon musician and his wife came home from the hospital on Wednesday, weeks before anyone had believed would be possible after Paul's heart transplant two weeks ago at Primary Children's Medical Center. via MormonTimes

Brooke White, who placed fifth in the seventh season of "American Idol," recently released her debut album, "High Hopes & Heartbreak," and will perform at a Salt Lake concert this weekend. via MormonTimes

Art – from film to painting, poetry and music – is all about revealing the sacred, Caldiero said, and "Big Love's" temple scene was "beautifully portrayed." via Salt Lake Tribune.

Coinciding with the anniversary of Joseph Smith receiving the ancient plates that he would later translate as the Book of Mormon, the second volume of The Joseph Smith Papers was released today. Elder Russell M. Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles was presented one of the first copies by Elder Marlin K. Jensen, [...]

“Earlier in the day Jim [Svendsen, artistic director of the play,] and I had several discussions about this particular production and as the chair of the theater department I have made the decision that we will not have that performance here due to just a couple of things that have to do with our audience,” [...]

An associate professor of photography at BYU, Brinkerhoff said the symbols are there to teach and to be interpreted personally. His quest to learn more about religious symbolism in sacred structures has taken him to some 40 countries the past six years, often with students in BYU's "Sacred Places" project. He also interviewed several LDS [...]

The whole time, we were planning that the climax of our little walking tour would be the LDS Church's Museum of Church History and Art just west of Temple Square. Imagine our surprise when we discovered that it was now exclusively a museum of history. by Orson Scott Card via MormonTimes

“White on Rice” is already making an impact on select screens throughout the nation. The film, which the San Francisco Chronicle called a “cinematic milestone” for the Japanese culture, is not only a journey into a culture and race filled with honor, respect and loyalty but a comedic adventure through a mid-life heartache. via

YouTube – Andrea Bocelli and David Foster Record with Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Those visiting are also invited to experience the world's only completely authentic working Gutenburg Press, the Benjamin Franklin Press, and the replica of the Grandin Print Shop, featuring the story of the first printing of the Book of Mormon. via Deseret News

Beverley Sorenson is 85 now but has not slowed down in her 15-year campaign to bring arts education to every elementary school in Utah. A few hours after observing the first-graders at Monroe Elementary in West Valley City, she boarded a plane for Cedar City to meet with school principals. This week she will launch [...]

Andrea Bocelli performs with Tabernacle Choir, orchestra via LDS Church News

The new exhibition at the BYU Museum of Art is trying to help guests become more familiar with sacred symbols artists use to convey the truth about the life and mission of Jesus Christ. via

Mormon and former U.S. Sen. Gordon Smith, the Oregon Republican who in November lost his bid for reelection to Democrat Jeff Merkley, was on Friday named president and CEO of the National Association of Broadcasters. via MormonTimes

Just in time for the season premiere of NBC’s Emmy award-winning “The Office,” a BYU humanities professor has published research showing how your favorite character from the show is likely based on a centuries-old formula for comedic greatness. via Analyzing “The Office”: BYU study merges Scranton and Shakespeare .

Make room, EFY music.  BYU is about to show the world it can rock — in all genres. via

BYU film professor Brad Barber will be in the audience tonight at the Lincoln Center in New York for the 30th Annual News and Documentary Emmy Awards ceremony hoping to hear his name called. via Deseret News

An important part of life is discovering our talents. They provide a focus for our lives, they bring us happiness, and it is through our talents that we serve others. It is important to watch for the right time and season and show gratitude for our gifts by magnifying them and using them with an [...]

The Easy Chair Musings by J.P. Starrs "Pausing to Lift." Tomorrow, it will be exactly one year since we last visited in the paragraphs of The Easy Chair. I had not intended to resume specifically for the anniversary; I simply thought tonight that it’s time to get back to my friends.  I am sorry that [...]

Moore’s book, Shattered Silence, was released on Sept. 8. Moore will be appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show Thursday, September 17, to talk about her story. via LDS Living.

Did the White House initiate the conference call-cum-political pep rally? Or, even worse, did the NEA, an independent agency, spontaneously politicize itself? Something that reads awfully like an invitation went from Sergant's NEA e-mail address to a cohort of "artists, producers, promoters, organizers, influencers, marketers, tastemakers, leaders or just plain cool people." via Washington Post

Sometime in 1998 approximately 35,000 feet above Tokyo, John Harmer got out his laptop and started writing. He didn’t stop until the plane was touching down in Los Angeles, almost nine hours later. Since taking off from Pudong Airport in Shanghai, he’d started out reading in the Doctrine and Covenants, searching through various sections, following [...]

"When I was 19, I was sent on a (two-year) mission to a Japanese-speaking community in Sydney, Australia," Boyle said. "You don't get to choose where you go. I took a crash course in Japanese before I left, and then learned to speak Japanese in Australia." via SFGate.

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