More than 300 members of BYU-Idaho's choirs and orchestra members will perform a new work of sacred music titled "God's Everlasting Love," during four performances in November. For the oratorical-like work, commissioned by the university, Robert Cundick, retired Salt Lake Tabernacle organist, composed music. Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve wrote [...]

Circling the wagons is the Western equivalent of regrouping — a strategy Ballet West has chosen in these tough economic times to yield a bountiful season opener ripe with some of Utah's most beloved home-grown talent. via Salt Lake Tribune.

Long before Max and the “Wild Things” hauled in an opening-weekend $32 million at the box office, BYU professor Ryan Woodward had a good idea how the movie version of Where the Wild Things Are was going to turn out. via Meridian Magazine

For decades, people have been drawn to the inspiring music of Janice Kapp Perry and the sacred art of her brother Gary Kapp. Now, for the first time, the pair have combined their talents to present a stirring witness of the Savior through music and art with a book containing 23 full-color paintings and 25 [...]

There are more histrionics on display in the two-minute trailer see belowfor the pro-gay-marriage ”documentary,” 8: The Mormon Proposition, than in all the episodes of Oprah I can remember seeing. via Big Hollywood

"There were six boys in my family," explains Hess of his Mormon upbringing, "and there was a chapter where the author refers to the ages 16 to 17 as the 'gentlemen broncos' phase, where adolescents like to take off their shirts and mow the lawn. It was weird. It's kind of unrelated to the movie, [...]

Nothing Katie Young had gone through before had prepared her for that night last February. via MormonTimes

When President Dieter F. Uchtdorf gave a speech on women discovering and developing their creative natures, Perry believes it struck a responsive chord in the hearts of women everywhere. via MormonTimes

Micki Sue Thompson DeWalt said anyone can relate, with gladness, to the Christmas Jar's message of sharing. "(Jason) inspired me to try to be more like the Savior. I will look a little harder for ways to share what I have, quietly and unrecognized. As days of winter are upon us, and economic times are [...]

On Thursday, the BYU Concert Choir, conducted by Rosalind Hall, and BYU Philharmonic, conducted by Kory Katseanes, will join the King's Singers in Mack Wilberg's medley "An Atlantic Bridge." Wilberg arranged the medley for the King's Singers and Mormon Tabernacle Choir for a 1998 concert; to Staheli's knowledge, it hasn't been performed in its original [...]

Years ago, the city of Logan, Utah, cut deep grooves in some of the sidewalks on the east side to help people walk up the hills. The grooves were in sets of five. They made the sidewalk look like giant pieces of sheet music. via MormonTimes

Robert Cundick, a well-known Utah composer, has written the oratorio-like work entitled "God's Everlasting Love" based on text written by Elder David A. Bednar, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and former president of BYU-Idaho. via MormonTimes

Still, much of the reaction is more anti-Mormon than anti-Beck. via

David Archuleta had the jitters Monday as he took the microphone at the 25th annual Utah Women's Conference — podium-clutching, leg-shaking, nervous-laugh-inducing jitters. via MormonTimes

Like James, many are BYU or University of Utah alums who want to stay in the area, giving James a tactical advantage when it comes to keeping his talented techies. For example, Monday evenings, James explains, are for family devotion in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints; employees generally leave by six. [...]

The work of artist Gary Kapp and his sister, composer Janice Kapp Perry, appeared together on what Perry calls "individual pieces," but their first major work together is just now on the market in the illustrated book of sacred music titled "Another Witness, Music and Art That Testify of Christ." via MormonTimes

Sometimes a good author who consistently delivers enjoyable novels comes out with one that is so exceptional that even readers who have come to expect high quality books from this author are taken by surprise.  Such is the case with Rachel Ann Nunes's Saving Madeline.  Nunes secured her spot as an author to follow and [...]

"Starsuckers," which premieres Wednesday at the London Film Festival, takes aim at Britain's fiercely competitive tabloid press, but its real target is much broader. Atkins believes that society's obsession with fame — gaining it and being near it — has distorted everything from the way news is reported to our children's aspirations. via The Associated [...]

Two national icons come together as Americas Choir meets Broadways leading man in the Mormon Tabernacle Choirs new release, Ring Christmas Bells Mormon Tabernacle Choir®, $18.98. In this 16-track album, the talents of Tony Award winner Brian Stokes Mitchell -one of Broadways brightest stars -combine with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square, along [...]

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the best art of all? These and other questions can be answered at the new exhibition in the Museum of Art, which aims at reflecting certain characteristics of a person’s nature. via

Each autumn, descendants of early LDS pioneers return to Grafton, a ghost town in southern Utah. They gather for an annual reunion and to remember the sacrifices their ancestors made while taming a volatile and often unforgiving wilderness. via LDS Church News

Publishing professionals call it a phenomenon. In 2008, Little, Brown sold 27.5 million copies of Stephenie Meyer’s four vampire novels; the Twilight movie grossed $191 million in domestic box office sales; and Meyer’s adult novel, The Host, sold an additional million copies. Publishers Weekly crowed, “A new queen has been crowned.”[i] USA Today reported that [...]

Up through the final days of rehearsal, Brittny has worked to make final changes in the script, while she's dreaming of future projects. "I want to be an LDS actor," she said. "But I also want to do community theater while I'm growing up and until I die." via Salt Lake Tribune.

The Church History Museum on Friday, Nov. 13, will host "Music for an Autumn Evening," part of the "Evenings at the Museum" series. The evening will feature former Metropolitan Opera soprano Ariel Bybee, harpist Tamara Oswald, and flutist Jeannine Goeckeritz, with Lloyd D. Newell, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir announcer and writer. "Music for an Autumn [...]

Sometimes values seem bound to crumble when faced with worldly challenges. Nine years into a life of theater, one BYU grad is holding strong. via

Many students in the BYU theater department have big ambitions that could throw them into the epicenter of the entertainment world.  But as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, many struggle with the task of reconciling their faith and standards with the demands of Hollywood. via

YouTube – Sony unveils prototype 360° 3D display.

It was to be expected. Elder Dallin H. Oaks reignited a debate about freedom of religion. Unfortunately, much of the landmark speech's message got derailed by journalist-created sideshows. via MormonTimes

This could well be the movie of the year. Take a look at the web site, read all about the movie and see who is behind it. You will be even more impressed. via Fred Karger: 8 Ed. Note: Movie of the year?  I guess we'll see.  Thank you, Mr. Bastian.

Songwriters wanted; genius optional. Don't get him wrong, says Ron Simpson, who has taught songwriting at Brigham Young University for the past 25 years. A natural aptitude is helpful, and genius certainly doesn't hurt. But the George Gershwins and Paul McCartneys of this world are few and far between, he says. And for every one [...]

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