Philo T. Farnsworth is known as the “Father of Television.” Born in Utah in 1906, Farnsworth was always fascinated by technology and inventions that used electricity. At a young age, he was amazed by a telephone conversation with his far-away aunt. When he asked his father who made such amazing devices, his father said, “Inventors [...]

Noah Feldman, professor of law at Harvard Law School, encouraged students in Tuesday’s forum, “Few are Chosen: Comparative Religion and the Public Sphere,” to engage in open conversations about comparative religion in the political realm. via

The scriptures came to life on BYU campus on Friday afternoon as students competed in the mechanical engineering program’s second annual Nephi’s Bow competition. Students presented and fired their bows on the north intramural field, next to Wyview Park Apartments, to determine the farthest distance capability and best engineering design of the bows. via

SPANISH FORK, Utah — The first time the Spirit told Karen Campbell to teach children in her ward to dance for free, she brushed off the notion. via MormonTimes

Going where no Osmond has gone before, Donny Osmond claimed the mirror-ball trophy and the "Dancing With the Stars" championship on Tuesday night. via Deseret News

Things are about to get a little hairy for those Twilight vampires. Because here come the Twilight werewolves — including two played by Mormons. via MormonTimes

Long before the museum existed, the university acquired its first work of art in 1909 when J. William Knight donated an oil painting to BYU titled The Sycamore Tree by John Hafen. Hafen was one of the “art missionaries” commissioned by leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to study art in [...]

"It been a lot of fun getting to do arenas during the summer, but I love intimate settings," he said. "It feels more real, because the people are right there and they're not like two miles away. via MormonTimes

Thanksgiving has become a holiday of large family feasts and preparations for Christmas. This misunderstood holiday is more than “stuffing” your face with turkey and anticipating presents under the tree; it’s about a new life and a new beginning. via

A major new survey of American artists and how they are weathering the economic downturn has found that slightly more than half experienced a drop in income from 2008 to 2009, a blow to an already struggling group, two thirds of whose members reported that they earned less than $40,000 last year. via

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon Church) has released a new version of its Web site This fresh new version of the site includes a new video channel with a library of Church videos that can be watched online, embedded into blogs, or shared through e-mail or social networks. via LDS [...]

The woman ran through the numbers. The tickets to the "Twilight" party were $25 each. Getting autographs required buying a $30 T-shirt at Hot Topic. And this woman also was buying a block of tickets to see "New Moon" for her daughters and a group of her friends. "Does it look like I have a [...]

Sister Oswald and Sister Goeckeritz, musicians with the Orchestra at Temple Square, performed "O My Father," written in 1845 by Eliza R. Snow, and "Secret Prayer," written by Hans Henry Petersen, a Danish convert to the Church. They then performed a selection written expressly for their CD album by Mormon composer Sam Cardon called "Crossing [...]

James Dashner was reading from his latest book at the 15th Street Gallery in Salt Lake City when he paused and looked at his son in the front row. via MormonTimes

It does and it brings me to another question I wanted to ask. In a lot of these answers you give off this sort of sense of being the lone Mormon artist, like you’re this anomonly in Mormondom, something kind of unprecedented. Is that how your self-image is built, that you are this unusual creature, [...]

“Initially the script came to me, and the script was much edgier then what Olivia (Newton-John) came up with. But I was at a place in my life where I wanted to have children and I didn’t like the fact that the girl had to turn bad to get the guy. I think the guy [...]

Internet traffic will have increased six fold by 2012 in a five-year period as more users view and post videos online, delegates at an Internet forum heard on Wednesday. via Video spurs explosion of Internet traffic.

"Whatever Heavenly Father tells you to do, do it. He will help you. Do it with the standpoint of fidelity to your god, spouse, children and you will change the world," said Mitch Davis, keynote speaker of the Leadership Summit Great Ideas Exchange that was held on November 6. via Newsroom Brigham Young University-Hawaii.

Chris Dalton’s iPhone application, Shatterquest 3D, made its way into the top 10 list of most sold adventure applications at the Apple application store two weeks ago. via

Nephi explained that the writing on the original Liahona, a ball or compass found by his father, Lehi, gave them "understanding concerning the ways of the Lord," but that it "changed from time to time" (1 Nephi 16:29) One of the goals of the Liahona magazine has always been to help provide readers with an [...]

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – Pope Benedict met artists from around the world in the Sistine Chapel on Saturday and urged them to inject spirituality into their work, saying contemporary beauty was often "illusory and deceitful." via Reuters .

By the time Chuck Engebretson got his copy of the November LDS Ensign in the mail this month, at least a dozen people had already recognized him as the model on the front cover. Posed as King Benjamin, a prominent character in the Book of Mormon, Engebretson is painted as if he is standing above [...]

The word "remember" is used by prophets in the Book of Mormon more than 200 times, Church Historian Marlin K. Jensen says, a fact that speaks volumes about the importance of recalling the church's past. via MormonTimes

An informed citizenry, it is often said, is the bulwark of democracy. The basic principles of journalistic integrity – objectivity in reporting, detachment from personal bias, and disinterested duty to the truth – are essential in facilitating public trust and civil discourse. All individuals and institutions, including churches, share an interest in contributing to these [...]

If you aren’t already familiar with the writing and performing of Elna Baker, prepare yourself for awesomeness. Baker is a comedian and storyteller living in New York. She is the author of a new memoir, The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance, describing her life as a single adult (a review will be coming [...]

Poetess. Prophetess. Priestess. Presidentess. These are all words Jill Mulvay Derr and Karen Lynn Davidson used to describe Eliza R. Snow at an event Friday, Nov. 20, in the Sons of the Utah Pioneers building to celebrate the release of "Eliza R. Snow: The Complete Poetry." via MormonTimes

If you have even the most fleeting acquaintance with a prepubescent girl, chances are you've heard about the film of New Moon, the second in Stephenie Meyer's bestselling quartet of vampire novels. via  NZ Herald News.

PROVO — Don't wait for someone else to start talking about Mormons and politics, Harvard law professor Noah Feldman says. via Deseret News

This season, two ballroom dancers dove into Fox’s “So You Think You Can Dance” competition with fire and flavor, going where no BYU graduate has gone before. via

In less than four years, Meyer, a Mormon mother of three from Arizona, has become one of the world's bestselling authors, despite Stephen King saying she "can't write". vihe Guardian .

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