Hallowed Ground Sacred Journeys
Is a co-production of
Brigham Young University Religious Education
Starrs Universal
The production of Hallowed Ground, Sacred Journeys would have been impossible without the valuable contribution of each of our wives. Their willingness to support the long hours of research, travel, and detail work, taking care of things at home while their husbands labored over this project have allowed such a publication as this. Our appreciation is unbounded for their love, suggestions, counsel, and encouragement. We could simply do nothing without their love and encouragement. To merely list their names seems such an insufficient token of our absolute reliance on their kindness and love:
Linda J. Livingstone
Kathie Marsh
Karmel Newell
Sandra Ostler
Tina R. Whitchurch
Sharolyn Starrs
It is such a wonderful thing to have an eternal companion who loves you in spite of your weaknesses and eccentricities. Our complete devotion and love goes to them.
Several student workers have slaved long hours over the book as well as the electronic version of Hallowed Ground, Sacred Journeys. Victoria (Jones) James, and Jill Catts spent many hours in the beginning helping us organize and structure the images and correlate the text. Robert L. Hall traveled to Salt Lake City several time to obtain photos that we needed to compliment the project. Amy Meeker, Brooke Burdge, Kimber Merrill and Anna Cariello spent hundreds of hours assisting with images, text, copyright, and other numerous issues. Our heartfelt thanks and these few lines of appreciation do not convey our acknowledgement of their commitment and effort.
Executive Producers
John P. Livingstone
Craig J. Ostler
David M. Whitchurch
W. Jeffery Marsh
Lloyd Newell
John P. Livingstone
John P. Starrs
Dean of Religious Education
Terry Ball
Former Dean of Religious Education
Andrew Skinner
Project Development
Ken McCarty
Director of Photography
Scott Morgan
John P. Livingstone
Craig J. Ostler
David M. Whitchurch
W. Jeffery Marsh
Lloyd Newell
John P. Starrs
Hosted by
John P. Livingstone
Craig J. Ostler
David M. Whitchurch
W. Jeffery Marsh
Lloyd Newell
Additional Photography
Steven Hayes
James Sherman
David Whitchurch
Craig J. Ostler
W. Jeffery and Kathie Marsh
Robert Hall
Ray Huntington
Clayton Prete
Will Robertson
Kevin Martin
John Forbyn
Maxx Payne
John P. Starrs
Associate Producer
Steven Hayes
Sam Mangum
Mark Gillins
Steven Hayes
John P. Starrs
Al Azad
Post Production Assistants
Amy Meeker
Brooke Burdge
Anna Cariello
Victoria James
Jill Catts
Kimber Merrill
Production Assistants
Will Robertson
John Forbyn
Clayton Prete
Andrew Yeager
Kevin Martin
Marie Livesey
A.J. Huntington
Robert Sorensen
Aviation provided by
Norm Castle
Faculty Consultant
Yvette Arts
Brigham Young University Center for Teaching and Learning
CTL Director
Jon Mott
CTL Associate Director, Production Management
David Monsen
CTL Associate Director, Instructional Design\QA
Greg Waddoups
CTL Associate Director, Media Production
John Uibel
Instructional Design
Josh Holt, Richard Swan
Project Manager
Lisa Kosanovich
Quality Assurance Supervisor
Michael C. Johnson
Senior Production Programmer
Greg Bodily
Senior Production Designer
Suzy Gerhart
Senior Production Programmer\QTVR
Dave Egbert
Graphic Artists
Suzy Gerhart
John Muhlenkamp
Project coordinators
Shawnna Cope
Amy Rees
Technical Writer
Megan Wilkinson
BYU Copyright Office
Carl Johnson
BYU General Counsel
Paul Angerhoffer
Special Thanks
Marcus and Andrea Hutchins
Paula Wright
Michael Purdy
Brent Roberts
Robert Hall
Victoria Jones
Marie Starrs
Greg Parrish
E. Peter Hansen
Parl Johnson
BYU Religious Education Staff
Copyright Brigham Young University
All Rights Reserved

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