All I’ve done is put it together,” says author Dr. Robert A. Pate of the research in his books on geography and names from the Book of Mormon. Pate, of Young Ward, recently published “Mormon Names in Maya Stone,” a book that attempts to prove the names and cities used in the Book of Mormon [...]

Art has a spirit, a unique way of speaking to the soul that enriches our lives. "There are many, many art forms," says Angela Ames, church history educator at the Church History Museum. "They all can bring the spirit into our lives." via MormonTimes – LDS Church History Museum's interactive exhibit.

The main characters in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight saga practice sexual abstinence, but Wheaton College theology professor Beth Felker Jones doesn't think Christians should celebrate the books as a model for chaste romance just yet. At first glance, it seems like there's a lot to like about the romance between Bella, an average teenage girl, and [...]

BYU law professor John W. Welch astonished many of the scholars at the International Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature, in Rome recently. via MormonTimes – Hidden symbols of Christ, Moses in Sistine Chapel.

To Darius Gray, "family" is the important thing about family history and genealogy. "It's the stories; it's the individuals; it's not about a name on a piece of paper, and a date," said Brother Gray, the keynote speaker at a Feb. 6 gathering at the Church Family History Library in Salt Lake City commemorating Black [...]

Mormon music, drama and literature aficionados gathered in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building on Friday, Feb. 19, to celebrate some of the recipients of the Deseret Dramatic Recognition Awards this past year.The event was kept simple — no costumes or props — and those who read and sang had only practiced a few times before [...]

Science fiction and fantasy stories are popular among readers who are also members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as demonstrated by statistical evidence, a panel of writers and editors said Friday. The panelists expressed their opinions on why so many Mormon authors are writing in the genre, at the 28th annual [...]

Paul Cardall's lucky day was Sept. 9, 2009. That's the day he had a heart transplant. Immediately after the donor heart was placed inside his chest, the doctor, following regular procedures, reached for the defibrillator paddles to "jump start" the new organ. But that therapeutic dose of electrical energy wasn't necessary. The heart, incredibly, was [...]

Theric: No. And don’t make me. Let’s just wrap up with some recent events: The sequel to Rapunzel’s Revenge just came out. Calamity Jack. Please. Plug it. Shannon: Well, you know, it’s probably the single most important piece of art to be published in 2010, and I don’t think it’s going too far to say it [...]

It’s hard to work Utah’s theater circuit without hearing the name Syd Riggs — the woman said to be one of the most inspirational and vivacious directors to ever hit the performing arts. via Performers unite to celebrate a director’s legacy |

Brigham Young University's Young Ambassadors performed the kickoff show of their 40th anniversary concert Thursday night in the de Jong Concert Hall in the Harris Fine Arts Center on BYU's campus. via MormonTimes – Young Ambassadors kick off 40th anniversary celebration.

In 2001, S. Kent Brown, current director at the Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies, was told his film proposal would change the perception of Christ for this century. via Messiah documentary comes to BYU-TV |

Horror fiction is about as marginalized in the Mormon book market as science fiction is by many literature buffs — so far out in the margins it's practically off the page. via MormonTimes – Horror fiction has merit, but not for everyone.

Authors and artists alike found something to gain from the Timpanogos Midwinter Storytelling Conference. via BYU hosts storytelling conference |

BOUNTIFUL, Utah — MarDeane "Polly" Carver Jordan traveled the world with her husband, a U.S. military officer and diplomat, often interacting with heads of state, but she never lost touch with her small-town roots. via MormonTimes – LDS author Polly Jordan dies.

A person cannot go through what Paul Cardall has and not be changed — both physically and emotionally. Cardall is one of the 1.7 million Americans born with congenital heart disease. Although he was able to live a fairly normal life — growing up, becoming a musician, marrying, having a daughter — in recent years, [...]

Deseret Book says The Mormon Tabernacle Choir's new album, "Heavensong: Music of Contemplation and Light," reached No. 1 on Billboard's Classical Crossover chart this week. The album is unique for the choir and includes a choral arrangement of the hit song, "The Prayer," by Grammy Award winner David Foster. via MormonTimes – Mormon Tabernacle Choir [...]

Donning a beard and a conservative sweater, Jared Hess is not unlike the characters he films and presents to the world. He speaks softly, talks about his skills and cracks sarcastic jokes as comfortably as he breathes. via Y grad finds place for vision, humor in film industry |

On Thursday, February 18, 2010, at 7:00 pm, John W. Welch, a law professor and religion scholar at Brigham Young University, will present a lecture in the BYU Museum of Art Auditorium titled "Hidden in Plain Sight: Overlooked Christian Treasures on the Long Walls of the Sistine Chapel." The lecture is based on a presentation [...]

Henry Louis Gates has an obvious interest in genealogy. The man behind the PBS documentary series "African American Lives" and "African American Lives 2" has expanded his focus in "Faces of America with Henry Louis Gates Jr." (Wednesday, 7 p.m., Ch. 7). This time, the Harvard scholar uses both genealogy and genetics to explore the [...]

SALT LAKE CITY — As the battle over same-sex marriage winds its way through the federal courts, the fundamental right to voice religious beliefs in political debates is seriously endangered, said Elder Lance B. Wickman. via Gay marriage battle endangering religious voices, LDS leader says | Deseret News.

Most technical problems have no shortage of technology solutions. Sometimes there is a clear winner, but it has been my experience that more often, multiple good choices are available. Some of the choices have specific attributes that are favorable, but rarely is one choice a clear winner. via Managing Technology Choices.

Each year hundreds of BYU students representing the cultures of North and South America and the South Pacific audition for the opportunity to pay tribute to their ancestors. All Living Legends members are of Native American, Latin American, or Polynesian heritage. Authentic choreography, intricate costumes, and heart-pounding music bring to life the beauty of traditional [...]

By now, I’m sure all of AMV’s readers have seen the announcement of this year’s finalists for the Whitney Awards. Congratulations to AMV’s Jonathan Langford for being selected as a finalist in the General Fiction category. He is also eligible for the best novel by a new author award. Full disclosure: I am not a [...]

This is the time, brothers and sisters, to make our voices heard. In the media today, as we would look at it from any vantage point, I think we'd have to say that Lucifer's influence has a far more dominant influence than the Lord's. We are in a war. This war is the same that [...]

Las Vegas » When Logan's Garrett Eugene Case, Jr., signed on to play the role of Elvis Presley's manager Colonel Tom Parker in a new Vegas show, at first he thought he had landed a small part. As originally written, it was a small part, and he was sharing it with other actors. Still, the [...]

“God is inside me, and everyone else that was or ever will be. … Now my eyes are open. Look what God has done.” So sing the Young Ambassadors in a song from the Broadway hit “The Color Purple.” This has been the message of the Young Ambassadors for the past 40 years as they [...]

In the early pioneer era, the site of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building was occupied by the Deseret News press buildings, the Tithing Offices, the General Bishops’ Storehouse, and stockyards. In 1911 the Church built a well-appointed hotel known as the Hotel Utah. The ten-story, 468,433-square-foot structure now serves as the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. [...]

The film features commentary from LDS authors, historians, and scholars like Paul L. Anderson, Matthew B. Brown, Paul T. Smith, Hansen and Brinkerhoff. For more than 40 minutes these men discuss and share insights into temple architecture and the meaning of the individual symbols on the exterior. via MormonTimes – Sacred Walls film: Exploring temple [...]

"We have a tremendous responsibility as members of the church. I think we are going to have to learn to be more aggressive. I think we have to learn to be a little more effective in our ability to share what we know to be true with the world." via Standard Journal Online – News.

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