The glitz, glamour, spotlight and applause are things every performer loves, including dancers in the U.S. National DanceSport Amatuer Championships held at the Marriot Center this weekend.

DanceSport is composed of the numerous dance class compeitions that BYU offers, as well as high school, middle school, and elementary school compeitions. For finance major, Ron Janes, 23, from Fort Worth, Texas, the main focus is the U.S. National Amateur Championships competitions.

“The [BYU dance] classes are a good preparation,” Janes said. “[My partner and I] used routines from class starting out, then we started tweaking them.”

For Janes, dancing was not something that he had grown up doing. He started three years ago after he watched a motivating movie.

“I was looking for something fun to take at college and one day I watched “Shall We Dance” and it inspired me to start dancing,” said Janes.

To compete in the U.S. National Amateur Championships, couples have to sign up with the National Dance Council or the NDCA.

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