Shakespeare's stage tragedy "Romeo and Juliet" has been adapted many times for film, musicals, ballet and opera. Now, Odyssey Dance Theatre is retelling the story through hip-hop, ballroom and Latin dance.

And this will be a rare performance where audiences are asked to leave their cell phones on. That's because voting by text message will determine the star-crossed lovers' fate.

ODT artistic director Derryl Yeager and principal dancer Eldon Johnson joined forces with "So You Think You Can Dance" stars Alan Salazar and Ashleigh and Ryan Di Lello to choreograph the production. Each has choreographed sections of the show in specialized styles of jazz, hip-hop or ballroom. Yeager said the point of using such varied dance styles is to redefine the Elizabethan characters and put a new spin on the youthful tragedy.

"We've changed the Montagues' name to Monta Krew and they'll do hip-hop," Yeager explained, "and the Capulets are the Caputans, and they will be doing Latin ballroom. Just wait until you see them battle it out."

via Odyssey Dance Theatre: Re-wiring 'Romeo and Juliet' – Salt Lake Tribune.

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