righam Young University-Idaho has found a new way to share both secular and spiritual knowledge with the world: YouTube. The university has created a channel on the popular Web site to post videos originating from the university. “We are thrilled with the opportunity to share the light of BYU-Idaho with the world,” said Kirk Rawlins, [...]

The Killers lead singer Brandon Flowers is to release his debut solo album Flamingo later this year.The Killers have been surrounded in rumour recently. The band have been dogged by speculation that they are to split, with Brandon Flowers said to have become remote from the groups wild party lifestyle.A devout Mormon, the singer has [...]

"You need to have as your foundation the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If you do, you'll have the vision, the direction, and the truth of revelations you need in your life. What a promise has been given you! You have power to bind the Lord. By binding the Lord in solemn covenant, He will give [...]

"With Liberty's commencement about three weeks away, the school's announcement Friday is expected to fuel many more debates on Mormonism and whether or not evangelicals should align with like-minded (though theologically different) Mormons in the social arena amid America's moral decline." via MormonTimes – Beck target of blind bigotry again.

"This is definitely the adventure of a lifetime for me," the Mormon performer said. "I must say that my favorite part of my job here on the ship is to pick out individual children and see them light up as Cinderella waves to them and blows kisses at the end of our shows. It's amazing [...]

News has been circling the globe about how creators of "South Park" are ready to open a new Broadway musical next March mocking Mormons. Latter-day Saints may want to consider how they will respond to what is apt to be some biting satire at the expense of their culture and most sacred beliefs and history. [...]

Being a single Mormon gal in New York City isn’t without its unique challenges, and Baker addresses them with just the right blend of earnestness and self-deprecating humor. More Sex and the City than Big Love, Baker’s story is an uncommon version of a common enough conflict for the modern American woman: how to be yourself and [...]

Last week, we whined about movies that are overloaded with sleaze, so this week we'll whine about clean films that just aren't as good as we'd like them to be. (Notice my use of the editorial "we," so that you, dear reader, are complicit in said whining.) First of all, despite what you may think, [...]

Mormonism, a movement that began with an outdoorsy prophet who led the Latter-day Saints to a unique Center Place in North America is now managed by a global corporation that manufactures generic, fungible, sacred space with plush carpeting and upholstery. That seems about as American as it gets. via Mormon Sacred Space: An Interview with [...]

The Lord’s command to keep the Sabbath Day holy has been a truly invaluable blessing in my life. Though it is tempting, from one perspective, to see Sunday as a test of faith and endurance, with a bevy of activities deemed inappropriate, those who keep this commandment with a sincere heart come to see that [...]

News has been circling the globe about how creators of "South Park" are ready to open a new Broadway musical next March mocking Mormons. Latter-day Saints may want to consider how they will respond to what is apt to be some biting satire at the expense of their culture and most sacred beliefs and history. [...]

BYU students can't have sex. Nor can they smoke a cigarette. Sex and then a cigarette? Forget it. It's against the BYU honor code. via Old-school BYU wins with honor code and without sex – CBSSports.com.

In a rehearsal earlier this week, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singers weren't getting the specific sound that associate music director Ryan Murphy was seeking. So Murphy explained: "Like you're slipping on a banana peel." Unorthodox, perhaps, but "everybody got it," tenor Scott Russon said. "It was a real hairpin dynamic, and then a sforzando . [...]

“It is important for a writer to be cognizant of the marginilization of literature by more technologically sophisticated and more visceral narrative forms. You can work in these forms or use them or write about them or through them, but I don’t think it’s a very good idea to go on writing in a vacuum. [...]

Ideally, collaboration works best with people you know and whose instincts you trust. That's what compelled Joan Woodbury to seek out her son as a collaborative partner 19 years ago when she was creating the dance "L'invasion," and why she has entrusted the family business to her daughter today. via Ririe-Woodbury: The art of the [...]

So you’ve written a great song, made a fabulous demo and now you’ll live happily ever after, right? Well, kind of. via Songwriter101 – Articles – The DIY Guide to Submitting Your Songs to Anyone in the Music Industry.

The Green River, Utah, native is on leave from the Phantom of the Opera tour as he and his wife are expecting their fourth child in a few weeks. He is scheduled to return to the tour at the end of May. Then resumes the family home evenings via Skype and phone calls for family [...]

In his new book The Marketplace of Ideas: Reform Resistance in the American University, Louis Menand discusses the concept of interdisciplinarity and the anxiety it arouses among academics. At one point he approaches this anxiety through a look at the anxiety that arose among artists in the 1960s, whose approach to creating art as well [...]

Utah State University announced the appointment of two new deans to head colleges created by the split of the College of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences (HASS) Friday. Craig Jessop, former director of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, was named the founding dean of the new Caine College of the Arts. Jessop, a USU alumni, worked [...]

Every year celebrities walk down the red carpet in sunny California, celebrating the nominated efforts and artistry that goes into filmmaking. People gather to watch the events as they dote over the dresses, the dates and the anything-but-demure stars that attend them. via ‘Inspector 42’ wins two student Emmys | Universe.byu.edu.

Saturday was a big day for other BYU student film projects as well. BYU’s Center for Animation brought home its 10th student Emmy in seven years for its film X-ing (Read more here.) and BYU music student Richard Williams landed the best music composition award to bring BYU’s 2010 haul to four. (Read about Williams [...]

Celebrating 50 years of broadcasting, KBYU-FM Classical 89 will broadcast two concerts, by the BYU Wind Symphony and the BYU Philharmonic Orchestra, in celebration of its long-running success. via KBYU-FM celebrates 50 years | Universe.byu.edu.

Jenson puts Heavenly Father first and gives his heart and soul when he composes. His inspired compositions have lifted many films, but most importantly, they have lifted their viewers' spirits to new heights. via MormonTimes – Merrill Jenson's music lifts films and viewers' spirits.

His name is Jon Heder, but the world knows him as Napoleon Dynamite. It has been six years and 10 movies since Heder played what the New York Times described as the "awkward, frizzy-haired hero" in the title role of the comedy, Napoleon Dynamite, a film that cost a group of college friends just US$400,000 [...]

Six years later the ward choir had 45 members, performed monthly, had recorded a commemorative Cd, boasted a string and winds orchestra performing with the choir for Christmas and Easter, and had a very large music budget. via Hymns only? No Problem! Some Sparkling Ideas For Your Ward’s Music Program: By Greg Hansen « LDSMusicNow [...]

"Sometimes Mormons need to lighten up," he said. "Enjoy life, put a smile on your face and just represent the fact that Mormons are happy people. And sometimes we as LDS people get so caught up in the seriousness of our religion that we forget to enjoy life." via MormonTimes – For Donny Osmond the [...]

The film represents a reversal from the program’s most recent Emmy-winner. While Kites was a poignant tale of a grandson’s love, X-ing (pronounced “crossing”) identifies itself clearly as slapstick comedy with a major shock in the opening scene. via Meridian Magazine :: Arts: BYU Animators Win 10th ‘Student Emmy’ Despite Losing Key Students to Movie [...]

"The special needs youth look forward to this production all year. It's the highlight of their year," said Derena Bell, the author and director of the program. "Even though it can be a lot of work and stressful at times, the end result is a lot of fun and joy." via MormonTimes – Special performers [...]

The first display you see upon entering the store is a museum-like exhibit extolling the glory of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. The centerpiece is the Salt Lake Tabernacle's original pulpit, with a mannequin representing a KSL radio engineer installing the first microphone for broadcasting "Music and the Spoken Word." Along the walls are a re-creation of [...]

Trey Parker and Matt Stone have written a musical comedy called "The Book of Mormon" that will open on Broadway in March 2011. via `South Park' creators plan B'way musical for 2011. – Breitbart

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