To Muslims, he is known as the Merciful, the Guardian, the Omniscient, the Magnificent. Christians, too, join in by praising God as the Judge, the Giver of Life and the Truth.

The Islamic tradition of knowing The 99 Most Beautiful Names of God struck a chord with Andrew Kosorok, an LDS artist who embarked on a years-long project to depict each of those 99 names in sculptural stained glass.

"The process of learning about a name will help me find out about this other faith," said Kosorok, an adjunct professor of sculpture who teaches stained glass at BYU. "I can apply that to myself, because I worship the same God. It started as a convenient way to examine another faith and became something that helped me strengthen my own."

via Y. professor sculpts glass to build bridges between LDS, Islam | Deseret News.

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