As can be expected of any fan of film and animation, R. Brent Adams' office at BYU is covered with movie posters.

The combination of films featured on the posters, including "Star Wars: Episode III," "Shrek," "The Prince of Egypt" and the recent remake of "King Kong," though somewhat eclectic, is not totally random. Each poster bears signatures, not of movie stars, but of BYU alumni who helped animate each film and sent Brother Adams the posters as a thank-you gift.

The nicest posters – the ones framed and printed on archival paper meant to keep the image pristine for at least 200 years – do not promote Hollywood blockbusters. They are posters made for films produced by the BYU animation program since its creation in 2001.

"They're the ones I'm most proud of," said Brother Adams, a professor of industrial design and animation and director of the Center for Animation.

via LDS Church News – BYU animation a work of collaboration.

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