God's purpose for the artist in the Gospel plan is ultimately the same as for all his children: to bring to pass their immortality and eternal life. Each of us must use our tools, our gifts and opportunities to triumph in the contest of mortality.

Immortality is a gracious gift; eternal life may demand that you discover God's purpose for the artistic passions he has given you.

Whether to declare the gospel in quiet singular ways or proclaim that Christ is Savior with the power of universal symbols, it may be the same to God's purposes. You must strive to understand your role and in the shadow of His purpose carry on your work.

And as in all things spiritual, only the process of prayer and inspiration can yield sufficient guidance. You must not succumb to the ways of the world. You must not compromise, under any circumstance, your standard, for which you cherish your testimonies of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

via Mormon Arts Festival 1995 – Elder M. Russell Ballard.

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