I Live my faith one day at a time, and i wear it on my sleeve. I am an open book and filter my whole life through the things i believe. If it is good, and uplifting, i will do it, if it is destructive and brings me down or people around me, then i [...]

That might be the best way to describe a new collection of stories entitled, “A Sense of Order and Other Stories,” by Jack Harrell, a faculty member of the English department at Brigham Young University-Idaho. via Local author taps into the Mormon experience – Rexburg Standard Journal: Upper Valley Religion.

Brandon Flowers might be the last honest man in Las Vegas, a land of the lost that has shaped both his glamtastic showmanship and his religious convictions. The Killers' frontman is a guy-linered Mormon with a growing family, a party star with a fierce moral streak. He fears and adores his sinful hometown, and this [...]

A cute, smiling, 20-something woman, riding the waves, gushes of her love of life and surfing … A black man, an entertainer and musician, raves about fatherhood and family … A scruffy skateboarder pontificates on the power and value of individuality … These soliloquies are presented in 30-second TV ads, the taglines of which all [...]

"The media is Ground Zero" in the fight between good and evil, Smith said, "and the fight is waged daily on radio, television, in newspapers and magazines and all over the Internet, for all to see and hear." via Parents need to monitor TV use, NAB president Gordon Smith tells BYU audience | Deseret News.

A couple of weeks ago Jonathan Langford posted his vision of an online Mormon Lit bookstore—something I’m also quite interested in. I very much believe in that vision, and if I had the resources and connections necessary, I’d start the bookstore he describes as soon as possible. I think such a bookstore could be successful, [...]

“We are looking for anyone who could be made to look as if they’ve stepped out of the pages of the New Testament,” said Hillary Straga, casting coordinator. via Wanted: Greeks, Romans and Egyptians | Universe.byu.edu.

Noise seems to be a constant part of modern life. Everywhere we go, for much of the day, we hear clatter and clamor, jangle and din. Though there are times when we long for peace and quiet, for many noise has become a habit. Perhaps we enter an empty room and turn on the radio [...]

It all started when Chris Heimerdinger was serving as a full-time missionary in the 1980s. He had a dream about kids traveling back in time to meet their heroes in the Book of Mormon. via 'Tennis Shoes' adventure series continues | Mormon Times.

Homemade stages, audience participation and a sense of friendship and community are scarce at large professional music venues, but can be found in abundance at house shows. via BYU students create venues at home | Universe.byu.edu.

John Yves Bizimana may have been one of thousands who graduated from BYU this year, but his story of survival through genocide in Rwanda, through refugee camps and orphanages in Zaire and Zimbabwe, adoption to Belgium, and finally fulfilling his dream of going to the U.S., is unquestionably unique. via Cricket & Seagull: 'Escape From [...]

For those of you who haven’t heard, the church is holding an international video contest in order to “give more members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints an opportunity to strengthen their testimonies as they share their talents with worldwide members and to “join the conversation” in sharing the gospel with the [...]

The battle we are engaged in is now an all-out war. This is a war we must all fight. We must fight it as Captain Moroni wrote on the Title of Liberty: "In memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children." And win we must. via LDS [...]

Celestial bodies will be filled with light, brighter than the sun. Celestial bodies will, of course, have arms, feet, legs, torsos and heads and will be capable of dancing. What consummate performances we will applaud as bodies overflowing with light perfectly express the thoughts and emotions of their dancing spirits. via Meridian Magazine – Ballroom [...]

(KCPW News) A new social networking site that officially launches today connects business people who are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Longtime business executive David Bradford is the founder of LDS.biz.  KCPW’s Jeff Robinson spoke with him and Alma Ohene-opare, who designed the site. via Long-time Business Exec Launches LDS.biz [...]

Check out the Tour Update.

On one side a man can be outstanding in his community or church, a good dad and a provider. "But on the other side he is engaged in pornography or other sexual behaviors that he has been able — for a period — to keep separate or secret." via New initiative sheds light on pornography's [...]

Mormon composer Kathleen Holyoak wasn't asked to build an ark or part the Red Sea. No, she was merely asked to write the music for the 30-piece orchestra and 135-voice choir that performed at the cultural celebration event held prior to the Kyiv Ukraine Temple dedication. via Mormon musician takes up unfamiliar instrument to serve [...]

“There’re so many people going through challenges right now," McCabe said. "If you go to every house in your neighborhood, there’s going to be some trial they’re going through, and if they’re not right now, they will be or they have in the recent past. The message on this album is Christ suffered for us, [...]

“There is really no way to study the history of art without seeing the works firsthand,” said Assistant Professor of Art History Heather Jensen. “It’s absolutely critical for art history students to have that experience.” via Art History – Study Abroad | College of Fine Arts and Communications.

Sci-fi novelist and Mormon activist Card garnered significant acclaim with his 1985 novel "Ender's Game." Based on his own short story, Card's book tells of a world in which humans face a serious threat from an alien race known as the Formics and begin training elite military units in response. Against this backdrop comes Andrew [...]

"Our struggle is found in living in a world steeped in sin and spiritual indifference where self-indulgence, dishonesty and greed seem to be present everywhere. Today's wilderness is one of confusion and conflicting messages. The pioneers had to battle the wilderness of the rocky ridges and the dusty mountain trails with their faith focused on [...]

Check out Bill Owens: Suburbia.

This chamber music concert celebrates generations of Mormon composers past as well as the vibrancy of LDS composers today. Included in the concert will be works for solo piano, as well as for flute, french horn and voice and there will be works by well known composers such as Crawford Gates, Marie Nelson and Robert [...]

The newly opened diary of Leonard J. Arrington, Mormonism’s most influential historian of the late 20th century, reveals a life imbued with the sense that he was chosen by heaven to help the LDS Church and its people truthfully tell the Mormon story. via Diary of famed Mormon historian reveals more of the man | [...]

The main reason may be an undertone of bias against Beck's own faith. He's Mormon. According to the survey of 1007 adults conducted Sept. 10-12, , via Few believe Glenn Beck can be a religious leader, survey finds – Faith & Reason.

An American Fork private school designed around the principles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced plans Thursday to launch a distance education program that would make its curriculum available to students worldwide. via Utah County school with Mormon values aims to go worldwide online | Mormon Times.

At first we scarcely realize we have been infected. We laugh and make lighthearted comment concerning the off-color story or the clever cartoon. With evangelical zeal we protect the so-called rights of those who would contaminate with smut and destroy all that is precious and sacred. The beetle of pornography is doing his deadly task—undercutting [...]

The fact that one can find a member of the Mormon Willey family at almost any musical event in Utah is no accident. Most of Denise and Donell Willey's six talented children were holding and learning to play an instrument as soon as they could walk and barely talk. Today, they consistently take top honors [...]

The artistic gem was created by stonemason and LDS Church Bishop Thomas Battersby Child Jr., with help from Utah sculptor Maurice Brooks, as a tribute to faith and the craft of masonry. The quartzite and granite sculptures date from 1945 until Child’s death in 1963. via Gilgal Garden celebrates 10 years as a public park [...]

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