"Our struggle is found in living in a world steeped in sin and spiritual indifference where self-indulgence, dishonesty and greed seem to be present everywhere. Today's wilderness is one of confusion and conflicting messages. The pioneers had to battle the wilderness of the rocky ridges and the dusty mountain trails with their faith focused on Zion and the establishment of the Church in the Salt Lake Valley. We, too, must focus on Zion and put our faith to work in building up the kingdom of God in our wards and branches. We must have the same kind of faith, the same willingness to give our all to the great cause of the Church."

Church members of today, he said, must ever be on guard they do not become casual in the payment of tithing, living the Word of Wisdom, abiding the law of chastity, and being honest and trustworthy in all they do. He added that becoming casual in doing those things dilutes a sense of urgency in keeping the commandments.

Touching on the future, Elder Ballard said, "Ahead of us will be the faith to defend religious liberty here in America. We must build relationships with those who love God and believe that religion has every right to speak out in the public square in behalf of people of faith who choose to worship God according to the dictates of their own conscience. This will require faith in the footsteps of the Latter-day Saints."

via LDS Church News – Pioneers have existed through all ages, Elder Ballard says.

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