I am writing this article for my children.

They are big Alex Boye’ fans. They got that from their old man. When I first heard him sing, I just popped. He was at Brigham Young University at a Mormon Arts Festival.

We talked for hours, and I told him then and there he had a mighty work to do through the healing power of his talents.

Alex is a very gracious and kind person, and has always been kind to my kids.

Besides, he is an amazing songwriter and singer. And a great Latter-day Saint.

Let me show you what I am talking about.

Listen as one of my heroes talks about one of my friends, who is also my hero…

Glenn Beck tells of meeting Alex Boye…

I believe it is critical, when you are a “Mormon,” that you be a Latter-day Saint first, and anything else second. Be a good and great Latter-day Saint first and everything else will fall into the proper place.

I want my children to understand that God is Great and that He has a plan for each of us. We just need to figure out what that plan is. It will always be in harmony with the principles of Faith, Hope, and Charity. It will always be an invitation from The Lord through His Spirit to use our talents and gifts to DO something. When that Spirit whispers in our ears to do something, we must do it right then and there. Don’t hesitate. The cool thing is, that when it is God’s will, it happens.

And money and fame may have absolutely nothing to do with the true measure of success.

Alex once told me “Being an artist is something that helps me to use my talents wisely, but the most important thing for me is filling the measure of my creation.” In that interview, he also talked about wanting to write and sing songs that people can use to be lifted and inspired. Sort of like Glenn was talking about as he wrote his speeches.

As we learned from our participation in the Hill Cumorah Pageant, we never know what we might be called on to do, or whether it’s one person we may influence or 3 million or more.

Either way, if you are doing God’s will, you are successful.

In our family we have been blessed beyond measure. The story of “A Brighter Day” is one of another miracle that a human being cannot plan to accomplish. The Lord has to be the Co-Producer. I believe He invites that collaboration. It is not a prideful thing, but it can be a real thing.

via Go – Say – Be: Glenn Beck & Alex Boye Standing for Courage in Jerusalem – “Let Them Hear You” » Starrman.com.

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