“Their suffering, along with that of other pioneers, forged a strength in their lives that is passed on to us,” he said. “Packing a few belongings into wagons or handcarts and walking 1,300 miles (2,090 km) isn’t the way most of us will be asked to demonstrate our faith and courage. There are different challenges that we face today—different mountains to climb, different rivers to ford, different valleys to make ‘blossom as the rose' (Isaiah 35:1). But even though the wilderness that we have been given to conquer is decidedly different from the rough and rocky trail to Utah and the barren landscape that our pioneer forebears encountered, it is no less challenging and trying for us than it was for them.”

Elder Ballard continued: “We need to commit to the service of the Lord and our communities with the same diligence and faith that our forefathers did. We must ever be on our guard that we do not become casual in keeping God’s commandments, in abiding by His laws and in being honest and trustworthy in all that we do. We must avoid the entrapments of evil found on the Internet, so readily accessible through our computers, [tablets], and cell phones. If we become casual in these things, Lucifer will find a way to dull our commitment [and] destroy our faith and our love for the Lord and for one another, and we will become lost in the wilderness of the world.

via Elder Ballard Speaks about Finding Courage to Face Trials – Church News and Events.

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