“For years executives at the broadcast networks have been telegraphing their intent to follow in the footsteps of premium cable networks like HBO, Cinemax, and Showtime, and as this data shows, they are doing exactly that,” she told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “They have been aggressively increasing the amount and explicitness of sexual content, nudity, foul language and violence in their primetime offerings, while excusing it by saying that’s what they have to do to ‘stay competitive’ with premium channels that garner only 1/10th the audience, even on their highest-rated programs. Nevertheless, it’s shocking to see a more than 400 percent increase in just two years.”

She stressed that the pixilated or blurred nudity does not give the networks a free pass.

“The impact is virtually the same as actually showing it. Just as ‘bleeping’ an ‘f-word’ or ‘s-word’ is virtually the same as airing the actual word,” Henson continued. “It just calls attention to the thing that has been edited out.”

via New study says full frontal nudity on prime-time TV up 6,300% over last year | Fox News.

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