Jesse Stay, an LDS blogger who writes and consults about social media and new media architecture, said Latter-day Saints like to use these tools to show their faith in social media because their faith is who they are. “It isn’t just what we believe; it isn’t just the doctrine of the church,” he said. “It’s about who we are as people. It’s about the first and second great commandments of loving God and loving your neighbor. Who we are is the essence of what being Mormon is.” In his social media usage, Stay particularly likes to focus on the charitable activities and humanitarian efforts in which Mormons participate, from huge international projects to the way they raise their families. “That’s a lot of why people share these digital expressions of faith,” Stay said. “They give people a way to feature who they are. It piques the curiosity of readers of the blog to find out why this person is Mormon and what does that mean.”

via How LDS Church members can express their faith digitally | Deseret News.

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