The Watchmen Institute

"Where values meet art, history, media and technology."

The Watchmen Institute partners with individuals who value the arts and want to make a difference in the lives of artists and in society. Founded in 1993, the Institute provides an environment of trust and excellence for this partnership, where artists and others can work together in creating a higher level of media and art that uplifts mankind. This synergistic partnership makes it possible for artists to reach a greater potential and for all concerned to provide a lasting legacy.

Our Maxim:

1- To serve God and mankind by creating, producing and promoting media and art that contain the highest production values while adhering to the utmost moral standards.

2- To foster the talents and works of artists by providing leading-edge learning, facilities, resources, and networking.

Prophets and Apostles throughout this dispensation have spoken about the need for using media, technology and the arts in proclaiming the Gospel and making the world a better place.

In 1857, Elder John Taylor said the following. "You mark my words, and write them down and see if they do not come to pass. You will see the day that Zion will be far ahead of the outside world in everything pertaining to learning of every kind as we are today in regard to religious matters. God expects Zion to become the praise and glory of the whole earth, so that kings hearing of her fame will come and gaze upon her glory."

"We expect to see the time when we shall not be at all inferior to any of the nations of the earth in the production of works of art and in scientific skill and knowledge… All this artistic skill and genius, which at present time lies dormant, will be called into active use, for the bone, sinew, and knowledge are here… Everything in its time and season." So said President Brigham Young in 1864.

In 1888, Elder Orson F. Whitney stated; "We shall yet have Miltons and Shakespeares of our own. God's ammunition is not exhausted. His highest spirits are held in reserve for the latter times. In God's name and by His help we will build up a literature whose tops will touch the heaven, though its foundation may now be low on the earth."

President Spencer W. Kimball said in 1974; "I believe that the Lord is anxious to put into our hands inventions of which we laymen have hardly a glimpse… When we have used the satellite and related discoveries to their greatest potential, and all of the media- in their greatest power… then and not until then, shall we approach the insistence of our Lord and Master to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature."

In 1977, he continued; "Take a Nicodemus and put Joseph Smith's spirit in him, and what do you have? Take a da Vinci or a Michelangelo or a Shakespeare and give him a total knowledge of the plan of salvation of God and personal revelation and cleanse him, and then take a look at the statues he will carve and the murals he will paint and the masterpieces he will produce. Take a Handel with his purposeful effort, his superb talent, his earnest desire to properly depict the story, and give him inward vision of the whole true story and revelation, and what a master you have!"

And finally, from Elder M. Russell Ballard in 1995, "It is my judgement that much success will come as we become more expert and more able to harness the wonderful technology that our Heavenly Father has given man to proclaim His message . . . If we are determined to live by Heavenly Father's plan . . . we will use all that God has given us to help bring to pass His purposes. We will lift, inspire, and change hearts to help make people better than they might have been."

"We call upon all members, those in the arts and those seeking to appreciate the message of good art, to expand their vision of what can be done. If we are going to fill the world with goodness and truth, then we must be worthy to receive inspiration so we can bless the lives of our Heavenly Father's children.

Never in the history of the world have truth and technology been so available and so prepared to help 'bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.' (Moses 1:39). But our power and ability to be successful will be in direct proportion to our faithful adherence to the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ as we seek to convey those teachings to others in ways that are edifying and inspiring to them."

"This is the time, brothers and sisters, to make our voices heard…"

The technological tools are here. The Lord has gathered His artists. He has taught and prepared them. The Gospel message has been restored. Through His Apostles and Prophets, the Lord has given the mandate. Through on-going guidance, he has also shown the very path to proceed on. And the world certainly needs what we know to be true more than ever.

The Watchmen Institute is committed to producing and promoting the best in media, performance, and fine art. It is here to expand the vision of what can be done, specifically through the use of the marvelous tools of technology mankind has been given.

This is the time to make our voices heard.

To learn more, to schedule a cottage meeting, or to find out how you can help, please contact us.

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