“There are hundreds and hundreds of people of faith working in Hollywood, doing it quietly,” he says. via BH Interview: As1 Founder on Rebuilding Bridges Between Hollywood and the Church.

Three movie interns have a little advice for you as you choose your future career. Some people want to be famous movie stars—on the big screen, in front of all the lights, cameras, and action. But others prefer to be behind it all instead. Consider Cammon Randle, Chantelle Squires, and Jimmy Anderson. These three are [...]

As can be expected of any fan of film and animation, R. Brent Adams' office at BYU is covered with movie posters. The combination of films featured on the posters, including "Star Wars: Episode III," "Shrek," "The Prince of Egypt" and the recent remake of "King Kong," though somewhat eclectic, is not totally random. Each [...]

We call upon you in the arts, you my precious brothers and sisters, to expand your vision of what can be done. If we're going to fill the world with goodness and truth then we must have artists who are worthy to receive inspiration so they can bless the lives of our Heavenly Father and [...]

Students worked under the direction of the Ad Council on the project. The BYU Ad Lab is the only student-run advertising agency that serves on the Ad Council, the leading producer of public service advertisements in America. via BYU Ad Lab behind new Smokey Bear DVD.

Schaffer, who lives in Spanish Fork with his wife and three children, proudly claims he's a geek at heart. A tour of his 2,500-square-foot west downtown Salt Lake City studio is like a walk through Wonderland for any genre-movie nerd. From the outside, the studio looks like an abandoned warehouse, and Schaffer doesn't announce the [...]

Saturday was a big day for other BYU student film projects as well. BYU’s Center for Animation brought home its 10th student Emmy in seven years for its film X-ing (Read more here.) and BYU music student Richard Williams landed the best music composition award to bring BYU’s 2010 haul to four. (Read about Williams [...]

The film represents a reversal from the program’s most recent Emmy-winner. While Kites was a poignant tale of a grandson’s love, X-ing (pronounced “crossing”) identifies itself clearly as slapstick comedy with a major shock in the opening scene. via Meridian Magazine :: Arts: BYU Animators Win 10th ‘Student Emmy’ Despite Losing Key Students to Movie [...]

Weaving together visual elements such as clay, pen, photography and computer art with innovative storytelling, animators today present their art to the public and continue to thrive in an industry of continually changing techniques and creative collaborations. The Sundance Institute monthly film series will present an animation spotlight, featuring the work of three renowned animators [...]

A simple thank-you note changed Brigham Young University-Idaho student Hans Smith's life more than he ever could have imagined. In 2008, the baseball fanatic, whose participation in the game has been limited to that of an observer due to the physical limitations of cerebral palsy, discovered a baseball video game more realistic than any other [...]

This is the time, brothers and sisters, to make our voices heard. In the media today, as we would look at it from any vantage point, I think we'd have to say that Lucifer's influence has a far more dominant influence than the Lord's. We are in a war. This war is the same that [...]

Long before Max and the “Wild Things” hauled in an opening-weekend $32 million at the box office, BYU professor Ryan Woodward had a good idea how the movie version of Where the Wild Things Are was going to turn out. via Meridian Magazine

From Gizmodo.

The Brigham Young University Center for Animation extended its award-winning tradition by earning two of the tree Emmys at the College Television Awards this year and then followed two student Academy Awards at a gala in Los Angeles. via Meridian Magazine

I try to avoid any sort of direct proselyting in my work, and the only subliminal form I’m capable of is “Hey, look, the cartoonist seems like he’s a nice enough guy: upstanding, good family man, hard worker. Oh, and he’s a Mormon. Maybe there’s something to that after all.” It’s the weakest sort of [...]

But perhaps his most enduring legacy, according to his son Ethan, is the mentorship he provided for younger artists. Throughout his career, it was common to see Ric amid a crowd of aspiring painters or sketchers around his living room table on a Saturday morning, he said. via  Daily Herald

When visiting the home studio of Orem Web-comic cartoonist Howard Tayler, the first thing a guest observes is the tiny, intricately painted figures of monsters and warriors on his hobby table. After taking in his elaborate double-screen computer setup, posters, wall art and myriad comic strip art adorning his studio's walls, one gets the impression [...]

For three years, the Computer Science Department's single emphasis has been bioinformatics. However, this fall the department began offering an animation emphasis. The purpose of the animation program is to produce students with strong technical skills and a background in art, design and film. "There is a group of students who has been very interested [...]

A group of members from a Sunday School class in Connecticut have created several video animations of Old Testament stories. The videos include young people telling their versions of Old Testament Stories along with animations. These are very clever, and some are hilarious. From LDS Media Talk More… More…

PROVO — An actor may have stock rules on what he or she will or will not do in a film or play, but the message of the production and how it is done should play into whether the actor accepts the part, says veteran actress Barta Heiner. from Deseret News More…

Ollie Johnston, the last of the "Nine Old Men" who animated "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," "Fantasia," "Bambi" and other classic Walt Disney films has died. He was 95. From Deseret News More…

BYU announced Thursday [March 27, 2008] the formation of an animation center to help with the production of films and secure the animation program at BYU. From BYU Newsnet More…

The president of Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios addressed BYU students and faculty Thursday, [March 27, 2008] in conjunction with the formation of the BYU Center of Animation and the premier of "Pajama Gladiator." From BYU Newsnet More…

The president of Pixar lauded Brigham Young University's animation program after he delivered a speech at the university Thursday. From BYU More…

City Creek Center is a sustainably designed, walkable urban community of residences, offices and retail stores that will rise over the next four years on approximately 20 acres across three blocks in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City. Upon project completion in mid-2011, the city will be one of few in the nation with [...]

Brigham Young University is implementing an animation center, BYU officials announced during a special event on campus Thursday. From The Deseret Morning News More…

As any parent knows, reading a Dr. Seuss story aloud takes about 15 minutes – longer if the child being read to stops to ask questions, such as "Are Thing 1 and Thing 2 boys or girls?" or "Why can't I hop on Pop?" From The Salt Lake Tribune More…

Utah is offering tax rebates to The Walt Disney Co.'s video-game unit if it creates at least 500 jobs within 10 years. More- From KSL

  As a fine-arts graduate student in the early 1980s, Carol Tyler felt she had to hide her interest in cartoon drawing from teachers. An art form associated with comic books and comic strips wasn't considered college material. Now a professional cartoonist and graphic novelist, Miss Tyler began teaching the University of Cincinnati's first comics [...]

After the myriad trailers that preceded "National Treasure: Book of Secrets" at our friendly neighborhood movie house one evening last week, an old-style logo for a Goofy cartoon came up on the screen. "There's a cartoon?" my wife whispered. "Wow," I said softly. "I hope this is the beginning of a trend." Then the title [...]

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