Hollywood has never taken to Mormons the way it has with members of many other faiths. Sure, there was "Brigham Young," the epic 1940 Western starring Tyrone Power and Linda Darnell as Mormon pioneers and Dean Jagger as the title character. But depictions like that were few and far between. It took LDS filmmakers to [...]

"People were so surprised with the show at Sundance," Clark said. "Some people would say, 'That was Broadway quality. Those actors were Broadway quality.' And I don't think they were exaggerating. We have a lot of local talent that's as good as anything we will see in the bigger cities. And you can chalk that [...]

Steve Klein, one of the men behind the anti-Muslim video tied to violent riots across the Middle East and North Africa, doesn't restrict his fervor to attacks on Islam: He also runs one of the most prominent anti-Mormon sites on the web. An insurance agent and Christian activist from California, Klein has become the face [...]

“You can’t stop people from having their own belief about who represents them the best,” Jowers said. “When they walk into the voting booth, they are going to decide who to vote for, and if that decision is based on religious preference, there’s nothing that can stop them from doing that. But that’s a different [...]

"Despite his difficulties, he keeps building — strengthened by those who believe in him, and unconcerned with those who don't." Everything is Incredible from Tyler Bastian on Vimeo. via Local teacher creates viral film about man with 'impossible' dream | ksl.com.

Producer Gerald Molen is used to reading reviews – both good and bad – for his movies. The Oscar winner's resume is golden enough to give him a pretty thick skin. He's helped bring such modern classics as "Minority Report," "Schindler's List" and "Rain Man" to the big screen. Let's assume he can take whatever [...]

In the movie "The Untouchables," Sean Connery's character asks Kevin Costner's character, Elliot Ness how he is going to take down Al Capone. "What are you prepared to do?" Ness replies he is willing to do whatever it takes to stop the evil with which he is faced. God asks daily "What are you prepared [...]

“There are hundreds and hundreds of people of faith working in Hollywood, doing it quietly,” he says. via BH Interview: As1 Founder on Rebuilding Bridges Between Hollywood and the Church.

If you thought being one of the producers of one of the greatest anti-hate films in history, one that exposed hatred, bigotry and anti-semitism would make you immune from being labeled a hate monger, think again. "Schindlers List" left its mark on the world and did so by telling the truth about man’s inhumanity to [...]

Three movie interns have a little advice for you as you choose your future career. Some people want to be famous movie stars—on the big screen, in front of all the lights, cameras, and action. But others prefer to be behind it all instead. Consider Cammon Randle, Chantelle Squires, and Jimmy Anderson. These three are [...]

For decades Warner’s films have frequently put the studio in the middle of a perpetual and unresolved debate over violence in the cinema and in real life. That debate has been revived after the deadly shootings last Friday in an Aurora, Colo., movie theater at an opening night showing of “The Dark Knight Rises,” from [...]

“It’s cool to be Mormon. Being a Mormon sets you apart,” Heyborne said. “Knowing that Heavenly Father loves me makes a huge difference. You don’t feel alone. Knowing he cares about me, that he will put me in the right places and will protect me, that he wants me to succeed, knowing those things makes [...]

A generation ago PG films like Ghostbusters, Back to the Future and Top Gun dominated at the box office, but more than half of what Hollywood serves up these days is rated R. That’s what got BYU economics students Jared Shores and Craig Palsson interested in whether a movie’s rating affects its revenue. The students [...]

“We are looking for anyone who could be made to look as if they’ve stepped out of the pages of the New Testament,” said Hillary Straga, casting coordinator. via Wanted: Greeks, Romans and Egyptians | Universe.byu.edu.

For those of you who haven’t heard, the church is holding an international video contest in order to “give more members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints an opportunity to strengthen their testimonies as they share their talents with worldwide members and to “join the conversation” in sharing the gospel with the [...]

Sci-fi novelist and Mormon activist Card garnered significant acclaim with his 1985 novel "Ender's Game." Based on his own short story, Card's book tells of a world in which humans face a serious threat from an alien race known as the Formics and begin training elite military units in response. Against this backdrop comes Andrew [...]

This isn't the very first color motion picture experiment, any more than the blockbusters mentioned above the first color movies. But it's an incredibly well-preserved look, that gives texture to a time that too often lives in the mind's eye as simple black and white. [Boing Boing] via Watch This Color Movie, From Before Movies [...]

The Tillman Story is ferocious filmmaking, but it wouldn't have half the force it does if the director didn't also get at the complicated man Pat Tillman was — the football star who volunteered to serve in a war he later doubted the logic for; the avowed atheist who read the Book of Mormon. As [...]

Many viewers may feel searching for ‘decency’ in the modern movie industry is akin to taking bites out of items in a restaurant dumpster, hoping for a few morsels of food that are edible and nutritious. You may succeed, but is it even worth the trouble digging through what will certainly be a lot of [...]

As can be expected of any fan of film and animation, R. Brent Adams' office at BYU is covered with movie posters. The combination of films featured on the posters, including "Star Wars: Episode III," "Shrek," "The Prince of Egypt" and the recent remake of "King Kong," though somewhat eclectic, is not totally random. Each [...]

As part of Laie Days, cast and crew of the Mormon classic “Johnny Lingo” came and celebrated the 42nd anniversary of the film. This event, sponsored by the Mormon Pacific Historical Society and the Laie Community Association, took place on July 29 in the Cannon Activities Center. Attendees were honored to hear guest speakers Naomi [...]

In 1952 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer released what is now considered one of the best musicals ever made, Singin’ in the Rain. This great love story is also a story about adapting to change—it depicts the transition in the 1920s from silent movies to “talkies.” Imagine what a change that must have been! via Music and the Spoken [...]

We call upon you in the arts, you my precious brothers and sisters, to expand your vision of what can be done. If we're going to fill the world with goodness and truth then we must have artists who are worthy to receive inspiration so they can bless the lives of our Heavenly Father and [...]

This is the second in a series of posts about applying the standards of the thirteenth Article of Faith to film, both as audiences and creators. Having begun in part one to explore the concept of virtue and what makes a virtuous film, I now continue to the next part of the standard: loveliness. via [...]

WARSAW, Poland — Polish historians have created an unusual 3D film that documents the shocking sea of rubble that Warsaw was reduced to during World War II. via Rare 3D film shows Warsaw devastated after WWII | Deseret News.

Once upon a time, my wife and I watched a TV movie on a basic cable channel — the TV-edited version of a movie that was originally rated R in theaters. It was okay, but the interesting part was what we didn’t see. via CleanFlix and Clean Flicks: A Look At Edited Movies | LDS [...]

Kiowa Gordon says the "Twilight" phenomenon has been "very good" to him. In fact, according to the 20-year-old actor, "I owe my entire career, at least to this point, to 'Twilight' and I'm very grateful for that." In the movies, which are based on author Stephenie Meyer's best-selling fantasy romance novels, Gordon plays Embry Call, [...]

Back in 2005, after posting my original review for The Other Side of Heaven, I received an email from a sister in the Church: I was greatly distressed to learn last week that the young woman who portrays Jean Groberg in “The Other Side of Heaven” has just made a movie (not released yet) which [...]

Thirty-seven years, three master photographers, four recipients of the Professional Photographers of America National Award and numerous portrait sessions later, the Busath family is well known in photography. via Faith and photography: The Busath family legacy | Mormon Times.

Power pick: Congratulations to the BYU Virtual Tours for winning a 2010 Silver Telly Award for its production of "The Mormon Tabernacle" for the "Hallowed Ground Sacred Journeys" series. Producer and director John Starrs explains that "It's nice to see recognition for an historical, educational and religious production." Wow! What an honor! via Bloggernacle Back [...]

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