Ultimately, where the film really misses the mark is in its portrayal of Mormons—less than 2% of Americans belong to the church—as a threat to fundamental American political values. At various points in U.S. history, Protestant Christian majorities persecuted Quakers, Mormons, Catholics and Jews. Until recent decades, racial majorities deprived African Americans, Chinese Americans and [...]

Boyle rounds out his film, shot in Salt Lake City with Japanese and English dialogue, with well- adjusted characters, including the married sister Nae Jimmy joins in the United States, and her wise, entrepreneurial young son Justin Kwong. via Sacramento Japanese Film Festival features Mormons film | Mormon Times.

“Unicorn City,” a film directed, produced and publicized by many former and current BYU students is shooting on location in Alpine until the second week in July. Students, amateurs and Hollywood professionals collaborated on the movie, which is a comedy about live action role playing and will be entered in film festival competitions. via BYU [...]

Arnold Friberg, a renowned artist who died in Salt Lake City Thursday at age 96, will have his legacy preserved in a museum that will house more than a hundred of his most famous works, including his original of "The Prayer at Valley Forge." via Utah artist Arnold Friberg leaves a legacy of art | [...]

Pop culture routinely traffics in material unsuitable to the wee ones – just think Lady Gaga at Yankee Stadium. But media companies often defend their product by claiming, “it’s just a movie/record/TV show,” and it’s not meant to condone bad behavior. Can it work the other way? Can a teen girl who lives and breathes [...]

Michael Ballard, a program producer for Montana PBS, was recently awarded two Emmys by the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Northwest Chapter.Ballard, a member of the Bozeman 1st Ward, Bozeman Montana Stake, won for directing and editing in connection with the documentary "Never Long Gone: Mission Mountain Wood Band Story." The documentary tells [...]

The closing sentence of the thirteenth Article of Faith provides a favorable frame of reference for both the production and the consumption of cinema, as well as all the arts. It reads “If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things.” On the production side, this sentence [...]

Remember how your kindergarten teacher would yell "Stop, look, and listen!" when she wanted the class to pipe down? A good documentary should be something like that—something that makes you pay attention and, if youre lucky, learn something.Judging by that elementary standard, the film 8: The Mormon Proposition mostly flunks out. The film is a [...]

Take a trip to the southeast corner of Utah Lake and you’ll see the makings of a feature film, but this film is different: It’s a major film largely put together by BYU students. FirstLight Independent LLC and BYU’s Theater and Media Arts Department have teamed up to produce the film, “For Robbing the Dead.” [...]

Hallowed Ground Sacred Journeys is a multimedia platform featuring Religious Educators from BYU. It consists of a website, virtualtours.byu.edu, a hardcover book, “Salt Lake City, Ensign to the Nations,” a Salt Lake City church history tour guide and a DVD-ROM that includes the virtual tours also found on the website. The educators teach about various [...]

Schaffer, who lives in Spanish Fork with his wife and three children, proudly claims he's a geek at heart. A tour of his 2,500-square-foot west downtown Salt Lake City studio is like a walk through Wonderland for any genre-movie nerd. From the outside, the studio looks like an abandoned warehouse, and Schaffer doesn't announce the [...]

At first glance, it looks a bit like Hollywood. Men in cowboy hats, women in long dust-kissed dresses and a horse whinnying in the background. "Picture's up! Quiet!" echoes the call across the set. The chatting and scuffling stops, and Sheriff Henry Heath delivers his lines. "Cut! That was great," calls director and screenwriter Tom [...]

Utah Film Commission director Marshall Moore's plane had just landed at LAX on his way to a trade show last year when he got an important phone call. "There was a message from Disney," Moore said. "They said, 'Marshall, because you created this tax credit, we're now allowed to scout Utah for our next tentpole [...]

Last week, we whined about movies that are overloaded with sleaze, so this week we'll whine about clean films that just aren't as good as we'd like them to be. (Notice my use of the editorial "we," so that you, dear reader, are complicit in said whining.) First of all, despite what you may think, [...]

The Lord’s command to keep the Sabbath Day holy has been a truly invaluable blessing in my life. Though it is tempting, from one perspective, to see Sunday as a test of faith and endurance, with a bevy of activities deemed inappropriate, those who keep this commandment with a sincere heart come to see that [...]

Every year celebrities walk down the red carpet in sunny California, celebrating the nominated efforts and artistry that goes into filmmaking. People gather to watch the events as they dote over the dresses, the dates and the anything-but-demure stars that attend them. via ‘Inspector 42’ wins two student Emmys | Universe.byu.edu.

Saturday was a big day for other BYU student film projects as well. BYU’s Center for Animation brought home its 10th student Emmy in seven years for its film X-ing (Read more here.) and BYU music student Richard Williams landed the best music composition award to bring BYU’s 2010 haul to four. (Read about Williams [...]

His name is Jon Heder, but the world knows him as Napoleon Dynamite. It has been six years and 10 movies since Heder played what the New York Times described as the "awkward, frizzy-haired hero" in the title role of the comedy, Napoleon Dynamite, a film that cost a group of college friends just US$400,000 [...]

The film represents a reversal from the program’s most recent Emmy-winner. While Kites was a poignant tale of a grandson’s love, X-ing (pronounced “crossing”) identifies itself clearly as slapstick comedy with a major shock in the opening scene. via Meridian Magazine :: Arts: BYU Animators Win 10th ‘Student Emmy’ Despite Losing Key Students to Movie [...]

Bricks-and-mortar locations losing ground to Netflix, Redbox and on-demand TV services. via Bye, bye, video stores – Salt Lake Tribune.

Weaving together visual elements such as clay, pen, photography and computer art with innovative storytelling, animators today present their art to the public and continue to thrive in an industry of continually changing techniques and creative collaborations. The Sundance Institute monthly film series will present an animation spotlight, featuring the work of three renowned animators [...]

I recently got an email about the upcoming LDSTech Developers Conference, and while it's not really at all about cinema, it got me thinking about some of the different ways Mormons have approached technology, film making and other arts. One of the difficulties with trying to have a "gospel" perspective on anything is that the [...]

It seems safe to assume most people don’t think looking over someone’s homework would be of interest, let alone a fun and social event.  But when the homework is filmmaking and looking over it means watching it, people disagree. via Association offers students’ film screenings | Universe.byu.edu.

Neal McDonough is a marvelous actor who elevates every role he plays, whether it's in Band of Brothers or Desperate Housewives. So when he was suddenly replaced with David James Elliott 3 days into the filming on ABC's new series Scoundrels earlier this week, there had to be a story behind the story. The move [...]

If you've ever watched the classic movie "The Ten Commandments" by Cecil B. DeMille, it is so engaging it may have become your definitive version of Moses. But the 1956 film, starring Charlton Heston and Yul Brynner (which will be broadcast next Saturday, April 3, from 6-10 p.m. on KTVX Ch. 4), sprinkles more than [...]

Critical opinion about "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" doesn't really matter — teens fans of BYU grad Stephenie Meyer's Harlequin romance epic about bloodsuckers, will be hypnotized whether they belong to Team Edward or Team Jacob. via Pop Top: Bloodless 'Twilight' sequel hits DVD – Salt Lake Tribune.

As a die-hard film enthusiast, the Oscars once captivated my attention like few other events. Watching the awards ceremony live (or, in my better moments, recording it on Sunday to watch on Monday) provided a special treat. My on-screen heroes (and equally important, the filmmakers behind the scenes) walked the red carpet, dressed to the [...]

Starting anything in the current economic state can be a struggle. But a film school in Orem?  That may be border-line insanity. But don’t tell that to Liv Frye. It’s that exact kind of opposition that is turning her dream into a strong reality. Muse Studios will hold its grand opening on March 10. Located [...]

The 2010 Academy Awards may not have marked the end of “liberal Hollywood” as we know it, but they certainly put a solid dent in it. With the pro-military “The Hurt Locker” winning over the enviro-pabulum of “Avatar” and Sandra Bullock garnering the Best Actress Oscar for a Christian movie, the times are a-changin’ at [...]

Instead of doing a whole series of reviews like last year, I'm going to report just once on the festival, although certain topics will probably come up again in future posts. The reason is that I felt obligated to finish that series before seriously doing anything else, and since it took most of the year [...]

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