"People were so surprised with the show at Sundance," Clark said. "Some people would say, 'That was Broadway quality. Those actors were Broadway quality.' And I don't think they were exaggerating. We have a lot of local talent that's as good as anything we will see in the bigger cities. And you can chalk that [...]

Glenn Beck is bringing his brand of conservative commentary back to the television set. One year after embracing an Internet-only distribution model, Mr. Beck is repositioning his streaming network, TheBlaze TV, as an offering for cable and satellite operators — in other words, TV the old-fashioned way. via Glenn Beck’s Show Heads to Dish Network [...]

Three movie interns have a little advice for you as you choose your future career. Some people want to be famous movie stars—on the big screen, in front of all the lights, cameras, and action. But others prefer to be behind it all instead. Consider Cammon Randle, Chantelle Squires, and Jimmy Anderson. These three are [...]

“No greater responsibility can rest upon any man (or woman) than to be a teacher of God’s children” (President David O. McKay , Conference Report, October 1916, page 57). SALT LAKE CITY — Stacey Bess' early-age fascination with books came with a firm knowledge of her life’s work. “I remember as a child that I [...]

Before Joseph Smith published the Book of Mormon in 1830, he was already drawing media attention. via Mormon Media Observer: A milestone for Mormons and the media | Mormon Times.

That might be the best way to describe a new collection of stories entitled, “A Sense of Order and Other Stories,” by Jack Harrell, a faculty member of the English department at Brigham Young University-Idaho. via Local author taps into the Mormon experience – Rexburg Standard Journal: Upper Valley Religion.

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“There is really no way to study the history of art without seeing the works firsthand,” said Assistant Professor of Art History Heather Jensen. “It’s absolutely critical for art history students to have that experience.” via Art History – Study Abroad | College of Fine Arts and Communications.

An American Fork private school designed around the principles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced plans Thursday to launch a distance education program that would make its curriculum available to students worldwide. via Utah County school with Mormon values aims to go worldwide online | Mormon Times.

New writers seem to ask this same question more than any other. What can I expect? So today, I thought I’d share three negative emotions you WILL experience and how to deal with them. Next week I’ll share four positive emotions. via Six LDS Writers and A Frog: Three (Bad) Emotions You Will Experience as [...]

A small Davis County youth theater troupe, established as the Utah branch of California’s Belasco Theatre Company, is now becoming its own boss. The company has filed a nonprofit application, and is launching its first musical, “Oliver!,” under its new name as the Jaks Theatre Company. via Youth theater troupe sets down Utah roots | [...]

We live in an era when the boundaries of good taste and public decency are being pushed to the point where there are no boundaries at all. The commandments of God have taken a beating in the vacillating marketplace of ideas that absolutely rejects the notion of right and wrong. Certain factions of society seem [...]

Many parents look for summer camps for their children to attend and one local camp keeps growing in popularity. Lucero Marin has hosted a summer art camp for the past four years. The first year, there were five students. This year, there were 60. Her students’ art work will be on display today at the [...]

A familiar BYU singing group graced the stage of a TV broadcast for the Boy Scouts of America on Saturday night. Vocal Point, a nine-man A cappella group, was invited to sing at the 100th Anniversary BSA Celebration Program, “A Shining Light Across America.” The performance was held in front of thousands of Scouts and [...]

The performing arts enrich our lives in myriad ways. That's true of adults, but equally true for children, says Michael Ballam, founder and director of Cache Valley's Utah Festival Opera. via Broadway for kids: Utah Festival Opera creates conservatory to bring musical theater to children and teenagers | Deseret News.

To you, why does theatre matter? This should be Theatre with a capital “T”, meaning all theatrical endeavors from movies to pageants. Artistic endeavors civilize us, teach us, and give us formulas and thoughts to live by. I’d like to quote Brigham Young who said, “Upon the stage of a theater can be represented in character, [...]

By Janice Kapp Perry Our talents have been given to us for a wise purpose known to God. "To some is given one, and to some is given another, that all may be profited thereby." (D & C 46:12) In developing our talents, we don't need to be better than everyone else, we just need [...]

There is a deep yearning for the expression of eternal things that lies at the roots of great art. It seldom seems to find satisfaction these days because so much of what has taken the place of art in our lives is hostile to the things of eternal worth. Nevertheless, if we are to commit [...]

To Muslims, he is known as the Merciful, the Guardian, the Omniscient, the Magnificent. Christians, too, join in by praising God as the Judge, the Giver of Life and the Truth. The Islamic tradition of knowing The 99 Most Beautiful Names of God struck a chord with Andrew Kosorok, an LDS artist who embarked on [...]

John Livingstone and John Starrs, two of the producers of BYU Virtual Tours, were guests this week of Steven Kapp Perry on "The Cricket and Seagull Fireside Chat." Have a listen as they explain the origins and challenges of the project, tell of the prestigious award their creation recently won, and, most importantly, talk about [...]

Deb Banerjee, a curator at Utah State University Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art, served as juror, selecting 25 pieces from 18 Western artists. Most are from Utah, including Chris Purdie, another BYU sculpture student. via UVU unveils its first juried art show | The Salt Lake Tribune.

Students worked under the direction of the Ad Council on the project. The BYU Ad Lab is the only student-run advertising agency that serves on the Ad Council, the leading producer of public service advertisements in America. via BYU Ad Lab behind new Smokey Bear DVD.

B.U.M.P. Limited is pleased to announce that Starrs Universal has won a first-place 2010 Silver Telly Award for its media production of "The Mormon Tabernacle" for Hallowed Ground Sacred Journeys, part of the BYU Virtual Tours series. Hallowed Ground Sacred Journeys is a co-production of Brigham Young University Religious Education and Starrs Universal. John Starrs, [...]

For many years, glass temples of miniature proportions have topped wedding cakes of LDS couples. One former business that sold glass LDS temples and other miniature figurines closed its doors three years ago. Long-time residents may remember the business Krystal Kreations, which was located in an Orem mall. People would gather round the counter, as [...]

If you’ve ever seen a movie from DreamWorks or Disney, chances are you’ve seen the artwork of former BYU students. The illustration program at BYU is celebrating 30 years with an exhibit that will be up in the HFAC until mid-July. The show features more than 100 pieces submitted by alumni and teachers. via Alumni [...]

“Unicorn City,” a film directed, produced and publicized by many former and current BYU students is shooting on location in Alpine until the second week in July. Students, amateurs and Hollywood professionals collaborated on the movie, which is a comedy about live action role playing and will be entered in film festival competitions. via BYU [...]

We are thinking, reasoning human beings. We have the ability to identify our needs, to plan, to set goals, and to solve our problems. The characteristics of a creative person can be used to develop solutions for seemingly insurmountable obstacles. We can use originality to overcome opposition. We can develop new ways to help others [...]

Many years ago, on an assignment to the beautiful islands of Tonga, I was privileged to visit our Church school, the Liahona High School, where our youth are taught by teachers with a common bond of faith—providing training for the mind and preparation for life. On that occasion, entering one classroom, I noticed the rapt [...]

Celebrating their 40th anniversary, BYU’s Young Ambassadors returned to the roots of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by performing in and around Nauvoo this summer. The Young Ambassadors arrived in Nauvoo on June 7 and began performing at the Church’s Visitors’ Center the next night. The group followed with two weeks of [...]

For those who work behind the scenes of summer pageants of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, there is little doubt as to what the driving force is behind these popular summer productions — the youth.Mormon summer pageants, which kick off in Manti, Utah, are well known for dramatic displays of history from [...]

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