Susquehanna County native daughter, Emma Hale’s home is a “sacred place to the church,” Dunford said. “(The project) will not only be to honor Joseph Smith, but also Emma.” “We feel strongly about the history of what occurred here,” said Dunford. Community leaders indicated they thought the development of the site could be a boon [...]

“There is really no way to study the history of art without seeing the works firsthand,” said Assistant Professor of Art History Heather Jensen. “It’s absolutely critical for art history students to have that experience.” via Art History – Study Abroad | College of Fine Arts and Communications.

The artistic gem was created by stonemason and LDS Church Bishop Thomas Battersby Child Jr., with help from Utah sculptor Maurice Brooks, as a tribute to faith and the craft of masonry. The quartzite and granite sculptures date from 1945 until Child’s death in 1963. via Gilgal Garden celebrates 10 years as a public park [...]

We call upon you in the arts, you my precious brothers and sisters, to expand your vision of what can be done. If we're going to fill the world with goodness and truth then we must have artists who are worthy to receive inspiration so they can bless the lives of our Heavenly Father and [...]

Spiritual experiences are sacred and cherished events. The stories of people’s lives leave behind a legacy that strengthens those who learn and remember the experiences. “Mi Vida, Mi Historia: Stories of Faith and Inspiration from Latin American Saints,” a current exhibit at the Church History Museum in Salt Lake City, captures these spiritual and unifying [...]

It may be the eve of Pioneer Day, but don’t even think about visiting Pioneer Memorial Museum — it’s not open. It hasn’t exactly been a secret, but many folks have been discovering the hard way that the museum operated by the International Society of the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers (DUP) has been closed [...]

John Livingstone and John Starrs, two of the producers of BYU Virtual Tours, were guests this week of Steven Kapp Perry on "The Cricket and Seagull Fireside Chat." Have a listen as they explain the origins and challenges of the project, tell of the prestigious award their creation recently won, and, most importantly, talk about [...]

Arnold Friberg, a renowned artist who died in Salt Lake City Thursday at age 96, will have his legacy preserved in a museum that will house more than a hundred of his most famous works, including his original of "The Prayer at Valley Forge." via Utah artist Arnold Friberg leaves a legacy of art | [...]

Featuring a Mormon church emeritus general authority and well-known poet-author as inaugural speakers, the Church History Museum is kicking off a new evening-event theme later this month. "The Story of My Life" — a new installment of the ongoing "Evenings at the Museum" series on Saturday, June 26 — will focus on the importance of [...]

Twelve decades after the completion and dedication of its Salt Lake Temple, the LDS Church is opening up the iconic Mormon landmark to the public for tours — in a virtual, visual and small-scale way. With the actual 117-year-old gray-granite temple serving as a fitting backdrop, a 1/32nd-scale Salt Lake Temple model towering more than [...]

Hallowed Ground Sacred Journeys is a multimedia platform featuring Religious Educators from BYU. It consists of a website,, a hardcover book, “Salt Lake City, Ensign to the Nations,” a Salt Lake City church history tour guide and a DVD-ROM that includes the virtual tours also found on the website. The educators teach about various [...]

The first display you see upon entering the store is a museum-like exhibit extolling the glory of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. The centerpiece is the Salt Lake Tabernacle's original pulpit, with a mannequin representing a KSL radio engineer installing the first microphone for broadcasting "Music and the Spoken Word." Along the walls are a re-creation of [...]

SALT LAKE CITY — The words, drawn in big, lop-sided calligraphy, are browned and fading: "Vienna Jaques' Book, November 22, 1832." Maryanne White leans over the glass-encased 1830 edition Book of Mormon, eyes widening as she realizes what she's seeing. "Wow," says the 47-year-old Texas mother, shaking her head in awe. "Joseph Smith (Jr.) signed [...]

SALT LAKE CITY — As the LDS Conference Center embarks on its second decade, some may talk of what it might have been — a massive domed arena — or of its lesser-known amenities, like the collection of wood, welding and machine shops and the adjoining 900-seat theater. via LDS Conference Center: Mormon church's enormous [...]

At the end of the 20th century, more Americans resided in suburbs than in cities and rural communities combined. The vast suburban expansion following World War II provided social mobility and increased autonomy, space and comfort for families and individuals. via MOA mail: April 2010 Issue.

The staff at the new Church History Library hopes those who missed the documents on display during the building's open house will not miss this opportunity. The library, dedicated in June 2009, will have rarely displayed items from its historical collection under glass for the public to see during conference weekend. The open house is [...]

There are ordinary people all over the world who experience racism, discrimination and prejudice daily. How do we live with the differences that exist between individuals in America? We need to educate ourselves and others in order to further a just and inclusive society. The Anne Frank exhibit will encourage ongoing individual and community education [...]

Notable Mormon pioneers are returning to Salt Lake City. Visitors to the LDS Church History Museum during conference weekend will likely run into a blacksmith or a stonecutter — or perhaps Eliza R. Snow, Sarah Granger Kimball or Amanda Barnes Smith. Brigham Young also will be there. "It creates an experience," said Angela Ames, who [...]

Imagine it’s 1954. You live in Salt Lake, a decent sized city with lots of potential. It’s quiet, clean and an overall good place to live. However, due to job relocation, you and your family have been asked to move to a little-known farm town in the southern Utah desert called St. George. via Art [...]

On Thursday, February 18, 2010, at 7:00 pm, John W. Welch, a law professor and religion scholar at Brigham Young University, will present a lecture in the BYU Museum of Art Auditorium titled "Hidden in Plain Sight: Overlooked Christian Treasures on the Long Walls of the Sistine Chapel." The lecture is based on a presentation [...]

This is the time, brothers and sisters, to make our voices heard. In the media today, as we would look at it from any vantage point, I think we'd have to say that Lucifer's influence has a far more dominant influence than the Lord's. We are in a war. This war is the same that [...]

Shortly after Brigham Young had arrived in the Salt Lake Valley, he encouraged the Saints to bring “all kinds of mathematical and philosophical instruments, together with all rare specimens of natural curiosities and works of art, . . . from which, the rising generation can receive instruction; and . . . we will soon have [...]

Visitors will step into history upon entering the newly completed Mormon Battalion Historic Site in San Diego, which opened to the public on 30 January. Formerly known as the Mormon Battalion Visitors’ Center, this new exhibit, operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, has received not only a major facelift but a [...]

"It is the top story of settling the West," said Sherree Roundy, a board member with the Escalante Heritage/Hole in the Rock Center, "the most difficult [wagon train]." via The West's 'most difficult' wagon train – Salt Lake Tribune.

Provo » Before Brigham Young University was worthy of its premature designation as a university, the Knight family figured the school needed art work if it was to become a true guardian of American culture. William Knight, a scion of the Provo family that kept the school afloat in the late 1800s, bought a landscape [...]

The Springville Museum of Art, Utah's oldest museum for the visual arts, has announced so many new exhibitions and acquisitions for January that it amounts to something of a makeover. In addition to 23 new works recently added to the museum's permanent collection, four new exhibitions open Jan. 5. via Visual art notes: Springville reborn [...]

f you're interested in modern art, Brigham Young University's "Mirror Mirror" is a must-see exhibition, with 32 local and international artists and work spanning the artistic genres of installation, multimedia, painting, photography and video. Just be sure you show up at BYU's Museum of Art with a full stomach after a full night's sleep. If [...]

“I am hoping that people can see that you can have active energy with art by looking at an ordinary object,” Frioux said. “Also, that art can benefit people in more ways than one.” via

Through different mediums and styles, contemporary artists are able to express themselves using diverse feelings, ambitions and spiritual aspirations. via

Although BYU acquired its first painting in 1909, systematic collecting began in the 1930s and 1940s when faculty members and administrators embraced the educational value of collecting art. The Art Department acquired paintings and works on paper by several early 20th-century Utah artists, including 81 works by James T. Harwood, 155 by John Willard Clawson, [...]

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