In 1909, Brigham Young University began collecting art when a donor gave the university a painting of a sycamore tree by Utah impressionist painter John Hafen. One hundred years later, the university's art collection has grown to nearly 17,000 works housed in a state-of-the-art museum. via LDS Church News

Long before the museum existed, the university acquired its first work of art in 1909 when J. William Knight donated an oil painting to BYU titled The Sycamore Tree by John Hafen. Hafen was one of the “art missionaries” commissioned by leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to study art in [...]

Each of the docents is a Mormon Church service missionary. They emphasize the Restoration as part of a larger Temple Square experience. Their modus operandi isn't to present art to visitors as typical docents would at any other museum; rather, the Church History Museum's unique band of docents strives to express the faith of Latter-day [...]

A century ago in 1909, BYU began collecting art when a generous donor gave the university a painting of a sycamore tree by Utah impressionist painter John Hafen 1856–1910. One hundred years later, the university’s art collection has grown to nearly 17,000 works housed in a state-of-the-art museum. via Meridian Magazine

The Church History Museum will host Music for an Autumn Evening, part of the "Evenings at the Museum" series, on Nov. 13, 7-9 p.m. at the museum in downtown Salt Lake City. via MormonTimes

It was only a matter of time before contemporary artists explored the impact of the Internet and social networking on image and identity. Give credit to Jeff Lambson, curator of contemporary art at Brigham Young University Museum of Art, for an early journey in that direction. Marshalling the best in Utah and international talent, Lambson's [...]

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the best art of all? These and other questions can be answered at the new exhibition in the Museum of Art, which aims at reflecting certain characteristics of a person’s nature. via

The Church History Museum on Friday, Nov. 13, will host "Music for an Autumn Evening," part of the "Evenings at the Museum" series. The evening will feature former Metropolitan Opera soprano Ariel Bybee, harpist Tamara Oswald, and flutist Jeannine Goeckeritz, with Lloyd D. Newell, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir announcer and writer. "Music for an Autumn [...]

The book normally sits in a box, in a dark room with a controlled temperature and humidity level. via Deseret News

David Linn appropriately titled his 2005 oil on canvas hanging in a new exhibit at the MOA “And Then I Looked.” The powerful painting serves well as the poster-child for “Types and Shadows: Intimations of Divinity”  as the entire exhibit is dedicated to representations of Christ, both obvious and otherwise. All art asks the audience [...]

In her 17 years as Curator of Religious Art at BYU's Museum of Art, Dawn Pheysey has seen the Religious collection grow in amazing and often miraculous ways. Join us for a walk-through and talk-through of "Types and Shadows" and learn how in both art and in life, everything testifies of Christ. Also, Click Here [...]

Visitors to art museums or galleries sometimes utilize a passive eye while viewing a painting or sculpture. Dont forget that art is interactive. Its a two-way communication tool that allows an artist to introduce an image — then its up to the viewer to ingest and interpret that images meanings and messages. via LDS Church [...]

The whole time, we were planning that the climax of our little walking tour would be the LDS Church's Museum of Church History and Art just west of Temple Square. Imagine our surprise when we discovered that it was now exclusively a museum of history. by Orson Scott Card via MormonTimes

Those visiting are also invited to experience the world's only completely authentic working Gutenburg Press, the Benjamin Franklin Press, and the replica of the Grandin Print Shop, featuring the story of the first printing of the Book of Mormon. via Deseret News

The new exhibition at the BYU Museum of Art is trying to help guests become more familiar with sacred symbols artists use to convey the truth about the life and mission of Jesus Christ. via

Cassandra Christensen Barney and Emily Christensen McPhie may have inherited some of their father's (Mormon fantasy artist James C. Christensen) art genes, but they also have developed different approaches and styles that give them their own voices. via MormonTimes

In 1980, the Springville Museum of Art was struggling. After a series of inexperienced and disinterested directors, the museum was in a state of inactivity and stagnation. In came Vern G. Swanson, the first professionally trained and experienced director. He had worked at the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C., studied art at BYU [...]

The photo had been hanging on the wall inside this cabin in Provos Pioneer Village for more than 50 years. The Sons of the Utah Pioneers were planning an auction when one member showed it to collector Brent Ashworth at B. Ashworths Books, Manuscripts, Art and Collectibles. via

A walk down the streets of Pioneer Village in This is the Place Heritage Park isn’t just a fun stroll through Utah’s pioneer past; it’s a remembered testimonial to determined saints who established a foundation of faith in a fledgling American state. via

An expectant mother sat on a ditch bank listening and watching with 10,000 other people as the artist unveiled the statue July 25, 1932, then 18 days later she gave birth to the future apostle. "That was where my name Dallin comes from," Elder Oaks said. His mother was a devoted fan of the artist. [...]

The Church History Department’s previous accommodations were designed to be more of an internal archive, said Steve Olsen, managing director over Church history. “The Church in its foundational documents has a huge commitment to preserving history and to making history useful for members and others interested in learning about its history,” said Olsen. “It is [...]

Thomas L. Kane was a historical activist who helped defend Latter-day Saints in the early days of the church. Although he never joined the church it is believed that his original interest in the church came from his and Brigham Young’s similar stand against slavery. via BYU NewsNet

With millions of visitors each year, Temple Square was recently recognized by Forbes magazine as the 16th most visited attraction in America. The 35-acre area draws visitors from all over the world because of its renowned research libraries, cultural activities and historic buildings — most notably the Salt Lake Temple, at the center of Temple [...]

"Within a few years of the martyrdom, Gov. Thomas Ford recognized that the events that unfolded in Carthage might transform a common county jail into sacred space … that Nauvoo and the Carthage Jail may become holy and venerable names, places of classic interest like Jerusalem." The governor was right, explained Brian Q. Cannon, a [...]

County Council approves children's museum budget More…

Over six years in the making, Hallowed Ground Sacred Journeys is an interactive DVD and book set based on LDS Church Historical sites in downtown Salt Lake City.  With research and hosting by 5 BYU religion professors, and rich interactive media produced by award-winning filmmakers, the project represents an unsurpassed teaching and learning experience. "One [...]

A thick, soft rug with a big colorful square pattern, a yielding cozy and inviting couch and a book shelf filled with books are not common exhibition items. A new illustrations exhibit breaks the walls of commonalities. More…

Discovery Gateway pledged Tuesday to firm up its finances after the children's museum failed, for the second straight year, to keep its budget in the black. More…

STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — Vincent van Gogh's masterpieces have inspired both young artists and prospective forgers seeking to re-create his vivid landscapes and portraits. More…

Given the museum's shaky fundraising, missed deadlines and busted budgets, Mayor Ralph Becker is ready to consider something other than a science and cultural center at the former main library. The freshman mayor also is dismissing The Leonardo's latest proposal to construct the three-level interactive science center in phases for half the $50 million original [...]

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