Brandon Flowers might be the last honest man in Las Vegas, a land of the lost that has shaped both his glamtastic showmanship and his religious convictions. The Killers' frontman is a guy-linered Mormon with a growing family, a party star with a fierce moral streak. He fears and adores his sinful hometown, and this [...]

It all started when Chris Heimerdinger was serving as a full-time missionary in the 1980s. He had a dream about kids traveling back in time to meet their heroes in the Book of Mormon. via 'Tennis Shoes' adventure series continues | Mormon Times.

John Yves Bizimana may have been one of thousands who graduated from BYU this year, but his story of survival through genocide in Rwanda, through refugee camps and orphanages in Zaire and Zimbabwe, adoption to Belgium, and finally fulfilling his dream of going to the U.S., is unquestionably unique. via Cricket & Seagull: 'Escape From [...]

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Sci-fi novelist and Mormon activist Card garnered significant acclaim with his 1985 novel "Ender's Game." Based on his own short story, Card's book tells of a world in which humans face a serious threat from an alien race known as the Formics and begin training elite military units in response. Against this backdrop comes Andrew [...]

The newly opened diary of Leonard J. Arrington, Mormonism’s most influential historian of the late 20th century, reveals a life imbued with the sense that he was chosen by heaven to help the LDS Church and its people truthfully tell the Mormon story. via Diary of famed Mormon historian reveals more of the man | [...]

The main reason may be an undertone of bias against Beck's own faith. He's Mormon. According to the survey of 1007 adults conducted Sept. 10-12, , via Few believe Glenn Beck can be a religious leader, survey finds – Faith & Reason.

As in the past, the LDS Church does not plan to join in ecumenical dialogue but will continue to work with like-minded faiths on humanitarian projects and in defense of religious liberty, Mormon apostle Quentin L. Cook wrote recently in a one-of-a-kind online essay. Cook did not get the final word, nor the only word, [...]

Throughout “Flamingo,” Flowers, who is Mormon, compares the casinos of Sin City with the Kingdom of Heaven. On the opening track, “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas,” he sings “Give us your dreamers, your harlots and your sins . . . and remember the house always wins.” via Killer one-man show –

Rose Datoc Dall, an artist and one of the spotlighted Mormons in the LDS Church's new ad campaign, was thrilled when she would Google "Mormon" and the re-launch of would be one of the top results. "It's so, so cool," Dall, 42, said. "It's amazingly inspired. Sometimes you do a search and really negative [...]

Fans of "South Park" creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have a lot to look forward to in 2011. The 15th  season of their hit Comedy Central series is scheduled to begin in the spring. And in a bit of showbiz synergy, their new stage musical, "The Book of Mormon," will open on Broadway around [...]

He applied to several schools with strong broadcasting programs and eventually chose BYU. Wrubell and his family had converted to the Mormon faith when he was 10 (he interrupted his stay at BYU to serve a two-year LDS Church mission in Brazil). via Greg Wrubell working his dream job | Mormon Times.

Mr. Beck acknowledged that he was not cut from ordinary cloth. He is a largely self-educated man who took a single college class at Yale University before dropping out; a tough-talking critic who frequently breaks into tears; a man now wrapping himself in a religious mantle but whose religion he is a Mormon is not [...]

The Tillman Story is ferocious filmmaking, but it wouldn't have half the force it does if the director didn't also get at the complicated man Pat Tillman was — the football star who volunteered to serve in a war he later doubted the logic for; the avowed atheist who read the Book of Mormon. As [...]

Great musicians comprehend a song on the first look or first hearing, and when they perform it, they do so with all the feeling, intonation, phrasing, style and dynamics on the first playback, as it were. It is such a pleasure to work with the pros. via New Janice Kapp Perry Album « LDS Music [...]

HOLT, England — He's Britain's most talked-about young artist. His paintings fetch hefty sums and there's a long waiting list for his eagerly anticipated new works. via 8-year-old painting prodigy is new art world star | Deseret News.

While he's sung everything from boy band to musical theater and pop since he first became the lead singer of The Osmond Boys at age 4, this is David Osmond's first inspirational album release. And what's more, it's full of contemporary Christian songs he's co-written from his own life experience. via Steven Kapp Perry: 'The [...]

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will treasure the second season of “The Joseph Smith Papers: Television Documentary Series.” via Review: Documentary presents in-depth look at Joseph Smith – Rexburg Standard Journal: News.

"There is no 'one way' to keep a record," she said. "(There is) a lot more to remembering than passive recall — 'remember when we did this, remember when we did that…'" via Early Mormon women set examples of record-keeping | Mormon Times.

True life has more plot twists and turns than any made-up play or film, and no one needs to tell that to Doug Stewart. Stewart is the playwright who wrote the script for "Saturday's Warrior" and screenplays for any number of films, including such noted family movies as "Against a Crooked Sky" and "Where the [...]

Jay Wesley Osmond never really had a choice. The youngest original member of the Osmond Brothers" and sixth in the family of nine, he was put on stage in diapers at the age of 2 and a half and literally grew up on a series of stages as part of the famous singing family. "I [...]

"Country folks think we are bluegrass, bluegrass folks think we are country. We think we rock," says Shupe. Los Angeles thinks the band is one thing; the East Coast thinks it is another. In the meantime, they keep churning out the songs, playing the concerts, having a good time at whatever they are doing. via [...]

A U.K. scribe sets aside objectivity to profile Mormons. At the same time, a Harvard professor attracts media attention, a Mormon will stay on another year with the Fighting Irish, the Philadelphia temple garners editorial support, and Harry and Rory Reid take different tacks in their Nevada campaigns. via Mormon Media Observer: Objectivity missing from [...]

During a long a distinguished career, Arrington was professor of economics at USU, church historian for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and director of the Joseph Fielding Smith Institute for Church History at BYU. He was the author of numerous books and articles. via USU Statesman – 16th Annual Arrington Lecture Looks [...]

Author John Tippets stated, "I recently listened again to a recording of a fireside given by Dad where he said one possible reason his life was spared by his Father in Heaven was so he could tell this story to others and increase their faith and confidence that prayers are answered. With the book Hearts [...]

Director and choreographer Derryl Yeager — who as a dancer performed on Broadway in “Cats” — has assembled a talented cast of skillful, athletic dancers with equally adept voices. Under Yeager’s directorial hand, each cat character has enough flair and idiosyncrasies to show off his or her individual personality. Among the highlights are hip-gyrating, rock-and-roller [...]

The youngest billionaire in the world, Facebook CEO and co-creator Mark Zuckerberg, 25, met with Utah (R) Sen. Orrin Hatch in Washington D.C., to discuss how the social networking site can help the economy grow. “We were happy to host Mark Zuckerberg here. He developed Facebook in his third year at Harvard and it has [...]

BYU student Lindsey Stirling, from Arizona, started playing the violin when she was just 6 years old. Now 17 years later, she's in the semifinals of NBC's "America's Got Talent." via Inside Mormon Music: BYU student performs 'hip-hop violin' Tuesday on 'America's Got Talent' | Mormon Times.

Breinholt never thought the CD would be the catalyst for his success as a singer/songwriter. "We had never really been in the studio," he said. "We were college students, but not music students. "At that time I remember hearing about bands in Utah County playing all original tunes and selling out restaurants like Pier 54," [...]

"We have an awesome responsibility ahead of us," Witcher said. "In so many ways, we have history in our hands. What are we going to do with it? If we wait, if we relegate for someone else to take care of, we are endangering that history — that history may be lost." via The coming [...]

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