“Your father loves you and so does your heavenly Father. … As long as we have today, we can change the world. … Marry for love, marry for laughs, but mostly importantly as my wife Tania taught me, marry for God. Without God, life’s storms are too strong to withstand. … Life is hard, and [...]

"With Liberty's commencement about three weeks away, the school's announcement Friday is expected to fuel many more debates on Mormonism and whether or not evangelicals should align with like-minded (though theologically different) Mormons in the social arena amid America's moral decline." via MormonTimes – Beck target of blind bigotry again.

Of course, my only evidence of this assertion is anecdotal… via MormonTimes – The Glenn Beck problem.

I found Glenn Beck – despite the image generated by the entertainer, the hype and the passion – to be a sensitive and decent man who has struggled mightily to overcome problems in his own life. He is not an uncompassionate man. He is not an enemy to the poor. via On Faith Panelists Blog: [...]

Imagine walking into an LDS chapel to find Marvin Goldstein playing prelude music and Utah's Attorney General Mark Shurtleff sitting up on the stand. Both were on-hand for B'nai Shalom, a semiannual gathering of Mormons and Jews to celebrate Jewish culture, heritage, and traditions. After Goldstein played "Hatikva," or "The Hope," the national anthem of [...]

I suppose Latter-day Saints shouldn't be too surprised the latest put-down from Chuck Colson, leader of the Prison Fellowship. Ironically, it was as he and leaders of Christian groups announced a new "civility covenant." via MormonTimes – Do Mormons need an Anti-Defamation League?.

Nine actors and a team of volunteer directors, set-designers and crew have been working since January to prepare for Thursday's opening night of the classic British comedic play "See How They Run." Hundreds of volunteer hours have been put into rehearsals, and an elaborate set has been constructed. Costumes have been fitted and lines and [...]

Glenn Beck has responded to accusations his recent comments to be anti-poor and anti-church. At the same time Mormons have been responding to Beck saying he doesn't get the gospel. via MormonTimes – Beck responds to backlash, Mormons respond to Beck.

Anybody who says Glenn Beck hates Jesus is just plain ignorant. It's like saying "TIME magazine loves Conservatives" or "Rosie O'Donnell hates food". It's the journalistic equivalent of yelling "fire!" in a crowded movie theatre. I wish these critics of Glenn would listen to him for more than 2 minute intervals, maybe they'd get some [...]

The 2010 Academy Awards may not have marked the end of “liberal Hollywood” as we know it, but they certainly put a solid dent in it. With the pro-military “The Hurt Locker” winning over the enviro-pabulum of “Avatar” and Sandra Bullock garnering the Best Actress Oscar for a Christian movie, the times are a-changin’ at [...]

When the Mormon pioneers headed West under duress in 1847, they had reason to feel bitter at their treatment by the world's foremost liberal democracy. For years, Americans had chased, robbed, beaten and killed them. Joseph Smith, seeking redress for his people, earlier had gone to Washington, D.C. The towering statesmen of the day who [...]

A documentary filmmaker warned that the United States’ military success in Afghanistan is dependent on how relationships with Pakistan are managed. via Filmmaker discusses US and Pakistani relations | Universe.byu.edu.

According to the federal government Web site tracking stimulus spending, Utah has as of the last reporting cycle 603 projects funded by $1.5 billion worth of federal money. The $426,000 received by Utah arts organizations constitutes less than 0.03 percent of the stimulus money allocated for the state. via Utah arts get a jump-start – [...]

So how do Mormons rank in the top national religion stories of 2009? Which typo in an LDS college publication has earned notoriety? And what does a St. Louis Post Dispatch columnist think about the Mormon Song episode on 'The Late Show'? via MormonTimes

I sprinted home to get help and was immediately distracted by my brother eating a Drumstick ice cream cone. I wanted one so I looked for my mom. via The Virtual Couch

"Grass Roots": An Impolitic Political Comedy (VIDEO).

Noah Feldman, professor of law at Harvard Law School, encouraged students in Tuesday’s forum, “Few are Chosen: Comparative Religion and the Public Sphere,” to engage in open conversations about comparative religion in the political realm. via Universe.byu.edu.

Still, much of the reaction is more anti-Mormon than anti-Beck. via NYTimes.com.

It was to be expected. Elder Dallin H. Oaks reignited a debate about freedom of religion. Unfortunately, much of the landmark speech's message got derailed by journalist-created sideshows. via MormonTimes

In response to her termination, Oyun began a five-day hunger strike in the State Library. Within hours, 20 others joined Oyun in the public demonstration. With support from major democratic movement leaders, her actions expanded into a national anti-government movement for human freedoms of speech, press and religion. Two years later the government adopted a [...]

Finally, Beck’s oft-ridiculed penchant for punctuating his tirades with tears is the hallmark of a distinctly Mormon mode of masculinity. As sociologist David Knowlton has written, “Mormonism praises the man who is able to shed tears as a manifestation of spirituality.” Crying and choking up are understood by Mormons as manifestations of the Holy Spirit. [...]

Did the White House initiate the conference call-cum-political pep rally? Or, even worse, did the NEA, an independent agency, spontaneously politicize itself? Something that reads awfully like an invitation went from Sergant's NEA e-mail address to a cohort of "artists, producers, promoters, organizers, influencers, marketers, tastemakers, leaders or just plain cool people." via Washington Post

The Catholic Church helped preserve Roman civilization. Can Mormonism do the same for America? via  Slate Magazine.

What did Henry Louis Gates Jr. recently say about Mormons? How should a civil society handle battles of ideas? Which new books highlight Mormon themes? The Mormon Media Observer found some interesting answers this week. via MormonTimes

Mormons are few in China, a country of 1.3 billion people. An LDS-related publication, cumorah.com, said in 2006, the number of Mormons in mainland China numbered just 500, though a woman who frequently travels to Beijing estimated the number in the "thousands." A post on ldschurchgrowth.blogspot.com says "China is seen as one of the last [...]

“We have been working on the Stadium of Fire since February, but intensely for about a week preparing for the show,” said Brad Fletcher, production assistant for the event, from Lehi. “It’s a lot more work than people think and a lot is involved, especially what goes on back stage with crew people.” via Universe.byu.edu.

The Utah Festival Opera Company says its 2010 season might be canceled without $655,00 in public aid. Michael Ballam, the company's founder, told Cache County officials his nonprofit needed an additional $400,000 in taxpayer money to survive this year, in addition to the $255,000 the county has already spent. County officials have scoffed at giving [...]

Four decades before he became president of the LDS Church, the U.S. government investigated whether Gordon B. Hinckley was a foreign spy. More…

While reviews of the new feature film "W." have remained mixed, many Utahns have already formed their opinions about the Oliver Stone movie. More…

LOGAN — The legality of abortion, same-sex marriage and other controversial issues should be decided by the American people and not a panel of unelected judges, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia told students and faculty at Utah State University on Monday. More…

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