When Bloomberg Businessweek used a sketch of an angel appearing to Joseph Smith as the cover for its July 16 issue about the LDS Church finances, it inadvertently chose an image tied to the sacrifices and faith of a Mormon pioneer artist. C.C.A. Christensen was born in Copenhagen in 1831, a year after Joseph Smith [...]

We call upon you in the arts, you my precious brothers and sisters, to expand your vision of what can be done. If we're going to fill the world with goodness and truth then we must have artists who are worthy to receive inspiration so they can bless the lives of our Heavenly Father and [...]

Right after Joshua J. Perkey taught a class on how to write for the LDS Church magazines, a woman writer said to him, "My first rejection was from the Ensign." She is in good company. Every month about 400 people get that same feeling when their submission is rejected for publication in one of the [...]

This is the time, brothers and sisters, to make our voices heard. In the media today, as we would look at it from any vantage point, I think we'd have to say that Lucifer's influence has a far more dominant influence than the Lord's. We are in a war. This war is the same that [...]

Tribune humor columnist Robert Kirby says Grondahl, then an editorial cartoonist at the Deseret News , set the standard by which every LDS humorist would be measured. Kirby remembers flipping through Freeway during a Mormon sacrament meeting when he landed on Grondahl's cartoon of a father holding up a monster baby for congregational approval. He [...]

Coinciding with the anniversary of Joseph Smith receiving the ancient plates that he would later translate as the Book of Mormon, the second volume of The Joseph Smith Papers was released today. Elder Russell M. Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles was presented one of the first copies by Elder Marlin K. Jensen, [...]

What did Henry Louis Gates Jr. recently say about Mormons? How should a civil society handle battles of ideas? Which new books highlight Mormon themes? The Mormon Media Observer found some interesting answers this week. via MormonTimes

Shawn Bentley, a former aide to Sen. Orrin Hatch, started years ago on a bill to allow the use of works whose copyright owners cannot be found. But he died three years ago before it passed. The Senate finally passed it Friday — and named it in honor of Bentley. The Shaw Bentley Orphan Works [...]

The LDS Booksellers Association’s annual convention starts today. For those who don’t know about this convention, it is the principal trade show for LDS products. Most of the association’s 200 producers and distributors display their wares for the 200 member bookstores, who attend hoping to learn what new products are available. Its the LDS equivalent [...]

As Danylle Utley anticipated sliding into her wooden latticed-back chair and ordering mushroom ravioli at the Bella Italia restaurant, she felt a chill run through her bones. She's not expecting to see a young man with topaz-flecked eyes at the next table. In fact, she knows she'll be surrounded by 20 other women, ages 21 [...]

Am I being unfair in this depiction?  It is scarcely surprising that such people spend little time reading and interviewing.  If they do interview people, they often get most of their information from a half dozen ex-Mormons or Mormon-watchers with a huge ax to grind.  Since the writers and their informers see Mormons as freaks [...]

(KSL News) Yesterday the Deseret News announced unprecedented layoffs: Up to 35 staffers will be let go this summer. More…

One of the things the New Era is about is variety. It tries to show LDS teens from a variety of places, exploring a variety of interests, and doing a variety of things. This month’s issue contains a story about a group of teens who volunteer to play the bagpipes at the Nauvoo Pageant for [...]

When I think about John Hart, I think about the day a call came in from the Uinta Mountains. A Boy Scout was terribly upset and wanted to come home. John was the boy's bishop. He was also in the middle of a major story for an upcoming edition of the Church News. He could [...]

The Media Mob has learned that conservative radio and television host Glenn Beck has just finished signing a huge new two-book deal with Simon & Schuster imprint Threshold Editions. According to a source with knowledge of the deal, the agreement will net Mr. Beck, the host of Headline News' "Glenn Beck," approximately $3 million. The [...]

I was in California on a recent morning and stopped to participate in one of my favorite things to do: read the Los Angeles Times, my all-time favorite out-of-town newspaper, a copy of which I had just purchased for 50 cents. From Deseret News More…

Every year, my husband and I travel up Provo canyon to talk to a roomful of wannabe writers at the annual Hugh O'Brian Leadership Conference. From Deseret News More…

SALT LAKE CITY 15 May 2008 Seventeen-year-old Utah Mormon David Archuleta, one of two finalists in the singing contest American Idol, is experiencing what many other Latter-day Saint celebrities have faced before him. The Osmonds, golfing great Johnny Miller, singer Gladys Knight, Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings, snowboarder Torah Bright, author Stephenie Meyer and other high-profile [...]

Imagine being the editor and designer of a major newspaper at a time when many print papers are dying as their readership moves to online news media. Joe Cannon, Editor of the Deseret News, and his staff have not only reinvented themselves online at DeseretNews.com, but have in the process also invented a whole new [...]

Last week I read my Easter gift from my parents: Outwitting History: The Amazing Adventures of a Man Who Rescued a Million Yiddish Books by Aaron Lansky. It’s a remarkable, wonderful story (and the story is pretty much what’s in the subtitle of the book), but even more than that it’s a fascinating exploration of [...]

As part of a proud tradition that extends back nearly 158 years, the oldest newspaper between the Mississippi River and Sierra Nevadas has changed its name yet again. From Deseret News More…

The continual drumbeat of news that film critics are being laid off at daily and weekly newspapers across the country has kicked up some quotable reviews. From The New York Times More…

For me, there is no more electric moment in the New Testament than the encounter between the risen Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Mary’s soul must have been struck with utter shock and dismay when she sorrowfully came to the tomb where Jesus lay early that Sunday morning to dress the body only to find the [...]

It's been two and a half years since Richard Bushman's "Rough Stone Rolling" rolled off the presses and you'll have to pardon the Harvard-educated professor if he still doesn't quite know how to behave like a rock star. From The Deseret Morning News More…

My daughter, Angela, recently told me she's stopped reading the Deseret Morning News online because she can't resist looking at the comments linked to my stories, but she hates how people say mean things about me. So she has reinstated her subscription to the newspaper. I was touched by her gesture. Isn't family loyalty a [...]

Mormon Times every week will contain articles that will inform and edify Latter-day Saints and others who are interested in LDS religion and culture. It will include news stories and features about the church and its members. It will have columns by Orson Scott Card and Jerry Johnston. It also will include a calendar of [...]

Getting a book published isn't the rarefied literary feat it once was. New printing technologies are making published authors of legions of aspiring writers, a population that once toiled for years on tomes that might not see the light of day. The vast majority of today's instant authors may sell only a few dozen copies [...]

"There will never be a four-minute mile. A man's heart will not stand it, and that's all there is to it.” – Jake Weber, Fordham track coach (1930s) Roger Bannister broke the four minute mile in 1954. Many runners have since bettered his time. "The abolishment of pain in surgery is a chimera. It is [...]

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