His series of paintings of events in the Book of Mormon, the sacred text of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, has been reproduced millions of times. His other works have ranged from depictions of the great eras of college football to large pictures of Western saloons, commissioned for a Las Vegas casino. [...]

If you’ve ever seen a movie from DreamWorks or Disney, chances are you’ve seen the artwork of former BYU students. The illustration program at BYU is celebrating 30 years with an exhibit that will be up in the HFAC until mid-July. The show features more than 100 pieces submitted by alumni and teachers. via Alumni [...]

Distorted chess tables, sparkly turnings and bold ’70s super graphics are just some of the many exquisite works of art that comprise a retired BYU professor’s life of work. via Retired BYU professor’s art on display | Universe.byu.edu.

Jace Warren took art lessons when he was 12 and knew then he wanted to draw with chalk. What he couldn't have known is that those lessons would help him share a message with people on the other side of the world. About a year into his mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of [...]

The paintings — a 1903 rendition of Christ in America done by Danish artist CCA Christensen (no relation to Anthony Christensen) and an 1893 oil painting of the Salt Lake LDS Temple by Carl Wuttke — are valuable pieces that will fetch a nice price but more importantly, Christensen says, they are the kind of [...]

Elder Jeffrey R. Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve was picked up by his brother, Dennis, Friday, March 19, at the Sacramento International Airport with one caveat: On the way to his brother's home, Elder Holland had to attend the VIP gala opening of the 2010 Pioneer Heritage Art Competition at the Folsom Historical [...]

A song by Michael Kelly Blanchard tells of a young girl whose life is a knot of problems — unwanted pregnancies, feuds. But at night, back home, she's greeted by familiar a face. She says: There's a picture of Jesus on my wall; Been there since I was very small; And he looks like he [...]

A couple Saturdays ago, my wife and I were visiting friends who are notable (among other reasons) for buying art. They have a Bryan Mark Taylor for instance and they had two other pieces on the wall near their computer that I found quite striking. They were the work of Casey Jex Smith, whose name [...]

At the end of the 20th century, more Americans resided in suburbs than in cities and rural communities combined. The vast suburban expansion following World War II provided social mobility and increased autonomy, space and comfort for families and individuals. via MOA mail: April 2010 Issue.

Almost 144 years after its original location opened, Deseret Book opened its new flagship store on March 25 across from Temple Square. The flagship store opened a few feet away from its original 1866 location run by George Q. Cannon and Sons. via Deseret Book opens flagship store in Salt Lake | Universe.byu.edu.

Artificial intelligence, neural networks and genetic algorithms aren’t terms usually heard in the HFAC. However, a small group of BYU students is facing the unknown and is looking to bridge the gap between artificial intelligence and human creativity. Enter DARCI, a project taken on by the students in VATSU 460 and 680. DARCI stands for [...]

Among his most avid collectors is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which purchased many Jones landscapes to hang in its temples, decorating some of Mormonism's most sacred spaces. "The church collects landscape painting as religious art because they celebrate the creations of God," Richard Oman, an LDS art curator, told the filmmakers. [...]

Visitors to museums typically experience the beauty of artistic creation, but rarely do they have a chance while there to interact with the creators. But visitors did just that at the Church History Museum's Feb. 26 event, "Artists at Work: the Spirit of Art." It was the second such event held by the museum, wherein [...]

“Everything in life you learn can either beat you, or you can overcome it. I’m on the other side of things and grateful for every day.” That picture of a little girl by her father has since grown into a successful artist who has traveled the world, painted royalty, faced tragedy, and learned a lot [...]

Pushing the envelope is often part of the job for professional artists. But at BYU, students walk a fine line between artistic freedom and following university standards. BYU’s Honor Code presents student artists seeking degrees in fine arts with the unique and sometimes stressful challenge of tailoring their art to meet the university’s moral guidelines. [...]

Moroni has always captivated my interest as a solitary figure of faithfulness on the ragged edge of a distant twilight. As a youth, I often hiked in the mountains near my home in the desert southwest, for I felt at home in the vastness, and thoroughly enjoyed the solitude. How little I imagined that I [...]

Imagine it’s 1954. You live in Salt Lake, a decent sized city with lots of potential. It’s quiet, clean and an overall good place to live. However, due to job relocation, you and your family have been asked to move to a little-known farm town in the southern Utah desert called St. George. via Art [...]

Brigham Young University-Idaho faculty member Leon Parson is the 2010 recipient of the Eliza R. Snow Award. Each year, the Eliza R. Snow Society for the Performing Arts recognizes and honors an individual who has excelled in the performing and visual arts. The recipient must be an alumnus of BYU-Idaho and be supportive of the [...]

Art has a spirit, a unique way of speaking to the soul that enriches our lives. "There are many, many art forms," says Angela Ames, church history educator at the Church History Museum. "They all can bring the spirit into our lives." via MormonTimes – LDS Church History Museum's interactive exhibit.

BYU law professor John W. Welch astonished many of the scholars at the International Meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature, in Rome recently. via MormonTimes – Hidden symbols of Christ, Moses in Sistine Chapel.

On Thursday, February 18, 2010, at 7:00 pm, John W. Welch, a law professor and religion scholar at Brigham Young University, will present a lecture in the BYU Museum of Art Auditorium titled "Hidden in Plain Sight: Overlooked Christian Treasures on the Long Walls of the Sistine Chapel." The lecture is based on a presentation [...]

This is the time, brothers and sisters, to make our voices heard. In the media today, as we would look at it from any vantage point, I think we'd have to say that Lucifer's influence has a far more dominant influence than the Lord's. We are in a war. This war is the same that [...]

One of the feelings of the spirit is the peace, the feeling of peace or joy and I think that’s in Galatians, talks about the fruits of the spirit. A lot of artists may not describe it that way—I do because I feel like as members of the Church we have an understanding of the Spirit [...]

Any aspiring artist looking for world-class artistic coaching needs only go down the road. via Bridge Academy: Provo's diamond in the rough | Universe.byu.edu.

When 47-year-old painter Brian Kershisnik retreats to his Kanosh studio in an old, sandstone dance hall, he doesn't invite models along. He paints with oil, and from his imagination alone. Never mind labels of "style." The Provo artist's work is about maintaining a consistent method that produces consistent results. That means producing a large rotation [...]

McNaughton has recently been in the forefront of the art world for his piece “One Nation Under God,” which depicts Christ standing in the center of the portrait holding the Declaration of Independence with other various influential political figures surrounding him. The painting has received positive and negative attention locally, nationally and internationally. via Artist [...]

Provo » Before Brigham Young University was worthy of its premature designation as a university, the Knight family figured the school needed art work if it was to become a true guardian of American culture. William Knight, a scion of the Provo family that kept the school afloat in the late 1800s, bought a landscape [...]

What began as a “leap of faith” has become a full-time job for Keith Bond and without it, he said he wouldn’t be complete. “If I didn’t paint, it wouldn’t feel like I’m true to myself, like I’m fulfilling what I need to do,” Bond said. “It’s just a part of who I am.” via [...]

The Springville Museum of Art, Utah's oldest museum for the visual arts, has announced so many new exhibitions and acquisitions for January that it amounts to something of a makeover. In addition to 23 new works recently added to the museum's permanent collection, four new exhibitions open Jan. 5. via Visual art notes: Springville reborn [...]

“I am hoping that people can see that you can have active energy with art by looking at an ordinary object,” Frioux said. “Also, that art can benefit people in more ways than one.” via Universe.byu.edu.

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