Does Mitt Romney’s Mormonism make him too scary or weird to be elected to President of the United States? via Polygamy? Magic underwear? People on bikes? Glenn discusses Mormon myths in TheBlaze TV special! – Glenn Beck.

"People were so surprised with the show at Sundance," Clark said. "Some people would say, 'That was Broadway quality. Those actors were Broadway quality.' And I don't think they were exaggerating. We have a lot of local talent that's as good as anything we will see in the bigger cities. And you can chalk that [...]

For the uninitiated, Hoover and Gandhi is Glenn-shorthand. Jay Edgar Hoover symbolized “top down” abusive power. Gandhi embodied peaceful, spiritual, resistance. He uses Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, and Booker T. Washington for the latter half of the metaphor as well. The latter half, the peaceful half, has the music. They always have. via Mark Mabry [...]

During tonight’s episode of GBTV, Glenn Beck mentioned an touching video of Restoring Love performer Alex Boye singing the National Anthem earlier this year after becoming a U.S. citizen. It’s truly incredible. We’ve included it below: via Alex Boye National Anthem Video | Video |

I am writing this article for my children. They are big Alex Boye’ fans. They got that from their old man. When I first heard him sing, I just popped. He was at Brigham Young University at a Mormon Arts Festival. We talked for hours, and I told him then and there he had a [...]

I Live my faith one day at a time, and i wear it on my sleeve. I am an open book and filter my whole life through the things i believe. If it is good, and uplifting, i will do it, if it is destructive and brings me down or people around me, then i [...]

God's purpose for the artist in the Gospel plan is ultimately the same as for all his children: to bring to pass their immortality and eternal life. Each of us must use our tools, our gifts and opportunities to triumph in the contest of mortality. Immortality is a gracious gift; eternal life may demand that [...]

Mr. Beck acknowledged that he was not cut from ordinary cloth. He is a largely self-educated man who took a single college class at Yale University before dropping out; a tough-talking critic who frequently breaks into tears; a man now wrapping himself in a religious mantle but whose religion he is a Mormon is not [...]

We call upon you in the arts, you my precious brothers and sisters, to expand your vision of what can be done. If we're going to fill the world with goodness and truth then we must have artists who are worthy to receive inspiration so they can bless the lives of our Heavenly Father and [...]

To you, why does theatre matter? This should be Theatre with a capital “T”, meaning all theatrical endeavors from movies to pageants. Artistic endeavors civilize us, teach us, and give us formulas and thoughts to live by. I’d like to quote Brigham Young who said, “Upon the stage of a theater can be represented in character, [...]

John Livingstone and John Starrs, two of the producers of BYU Virtual Tours, were guests this week of Steven Kapp Perry on "The Cricket and Seagull Fireside Chat." Have a listen as they explain the origins and challenges of the project, tell of the prestigious award their creation recently won, and, most importantly, talk about [...]

Power pick: Congratulations to the BYU Virtual Tours for winning a 2010 Silver Telly Award for its production of "The Mormon Tabernacle" for the "Hallowed Ground Sacred Journeys" series. Producer and director John Starrs explains that "It's nice to see recognition for an historical, educational and religious production." Wow! What an honor! via Bloggernacle Back [...]

B.U.M.P. Limited is pleased to announce that Starrs Universal has won a first-place 2010 Silver Telly Award for its media production of "The Mormon Tabernacle" for Hallowed Ground Sacred Journeys, part of the BYU Virtual Tours series. Hallowed Ground Sacred Journeys is a co-production of Brigham Young University Religious Education and Starrs Universal. John Starrs, [...]

Hallowed Ground Sacred Journeys is a multimedia platform featuring Religious Educators from BYU. It consists of a website,, a hardcover book, “Salt Lake City, Ensign to the Nations,” a Salt Lake City church history tour guide and a DVD-ROM that includes the virtual tours also found on the website. The educators teach about various [...]

BYU Virtual Tours – Want to take a tour of church history sites around Salt Lake City, but you don't have the time or means to actually go to all the sites? BYU Virtual Tours has provided a wonderful YouTube channel with 36 videos of church history locations in and around Salt Lake City. It's [...]

“Your father loves you and so does your heavenly Father. … As long as we have today, we can change the world. … Marry for love, marry for laughs, but mostly importantly as my wife Tania taught me, marry for God. Without God, life’s storms are too strong to withstand. … Life is hard, and [...]

In the early pioneer era, the site of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building was occupied by the Deseret News press buildings, the Tithing Offices, the General Bishops’ Storehouse, and stockyards. In 1911 the Church built a well-appointed hotel known as the Hotel Utah. The ten-story, 468,433-square-foot structure now serves as the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. [...]

Shortly after Brigham Young had arrived in the Salt Lake Valley, he encouraged the Saints to bring “all kinds of mathematical and philosophical instruments, together with all rare specimens of natural curiosities and works of art, . . . from which, the rising generation can receive instruction; and . . . we will soon have [...]

This is the home of the world renowned Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Organ. It is known for its dome shape and exceptional acoustic qualities, making it one of the most remarkable buildings in the world. When it was dedicated on October 9, 1875, it was the largest auditorium in the nation without a center support [...]

The Salt Lake Temple is a six-spired granite edifice representing the inspiration and theological underpinnings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.   Temple Square is lit with thousands of lights each Christmas season • © Intellectual Reserve, Inc. This temple is the symbolic heart of the Church worldwide. More important than its [...]

This has been an exciting week for our new blog. Since we officially announced this endeavor 7 days ago we have been featured in Mormon Times, launched on Facebook and Twitter, and have had more than 3500 downloads on our YouTube channel. We thank you all for your support, and hope you continue to enjoy your experiences [...]

Hallowed Ground Sacred Journeys offers three ways to experience this historic city. The hardcover book offers a thorough and highly informative tour of the city from its founding to today. The walking tour book offers three separate tours through the city, intuitively grouping together the sites so you get the most out of your time. [...]

Hallowed Ground, Sacred Journeys: Salt Lake City, Ensign to the Nations transports readers back to pioneer-era Salt Lake City, contrasting those bygone scenes with scenes of today. It highlights more than 40 sites in and around downtown Salt Lake City, including Capitol Hill, the Conference Center, the Salt Palace, and Temple Square. Hallowed Ground, Sacred [...]

George A. Smith, an early Apostle and member of the first Mormon pioneer company, explained that Brigham Young had seen Ensign Peak and the Salt Lake Valley in vision long before he entered it: After the death of Joseph Smith, when it seemed as if every trouble and calamity had come upon the Saints, Brigham [...]

Salt Lake City Temple In Hallowed Ground Sacred Journeys, Brigham Young University professors tell the story of the sites that are of importance to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Joseph Smith, Senior Log Home, Palmyra NY Some sites are well known, such as the Sacred Grove in Palmyra, New York, [...]

Hallowed Ground, Sacred Journeys transports readers back to nineteenth-century Salt Lake City by painting a picture of the city during the pioneer era from 1847 to 1869, contrasting those bygone scenes with those of today. Historic homes, statues, buildings, street names, and plaques bring to mind the names and adventures of early pioneers divinely led [...]

Salt Lake City: Ensign to the Nations Written by John P. Livingstone, W. Jeffrey Marsh, Lloyd D. Newell, Craig James Ostler, John P. Starrs, and David M. Whitchurch When the Angel Moroni appeared to the Prophet Joseph Smith, he described the Hill Cumorah.  Joseph would later say that when he got to the Hill Cumorah, [...]

Hallowed Ground Sacred Journeys Is a co-production of Brigham Young University Religious Education and Starrs Universal  ============================================= Acknowledgements The production of Hallowed Ground, Sacred Journeys would have been impossible without the valuable contribution of each of our wives. Their willingness to support the long hours of research, travel, and detail work, taking care of things at [...]

Hallowed Ground Sacred Journeys Is a co-production of Brigham Young University Religious Education and Starrs Universal  ============================================= Acknowledgements The production of Hallowed Ground, Sacred Journeys would have been impossible without the valuable contribution of each of our wives. Their willingness to support the long hours of research, travel, and detail work, taking care of things at [...]

Like the prejudice that ended Focus on the Family's featured article on Glenn Beck's Christmas sweater story at the end of 2008, a national radio show host has pulled her children from a Seattle-area school because she says that Stephen Covey's writings are "veiled Mormonism." via MormonTimes – Delilah pulls kids from school, cites 'Mormon' [...]

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