With the beginning of 2010 in a few short days, BYU Television will celebrate ten years of operation—and the festivities will include more than cake and ice cream. Executives will be transforming the aim of the station and with that, launching new programming and services. via LDS Living.

What’s a father to do? I knew this day would come, and I have to be honest, I was one of the longest holdouts to believe in Abe Lincoln, myself but I just remember when I finally discovered the truth about, um, Abe, I was so disappointed. Sure, I had spent many hours breaking down [...]

Gray said the pageant serves two purposes: to celebrate and to educate. “This is our church’s Christmas gift to the community,” he said, adding that by producing the pageant, the church also informs those who are unfamiliar with his faith that Mormons are Christians, too. via NashuaTelegraph.com .

At the end of 2008, Alex Boye felt prompted to record a hymns album. He kept ignoring the idea, but his conscience wouldn't let it go. Finally he decided to start recording and a few months later, had completed eight songs. He felt the album needed three more songs, but was stuck and didn't know [...]

I sprinted home to get help and was immediately distracted by my brother eating a Drumstick ice cream cone. I wanted one so I looked for my mom. via The Virtual Couch

Still, much of the reaction is more anti-Mormon than anti-Beck. via NYTimes.com.

Finally, Beck’s oft-ridiculed penchant for punctuating his tirades with tears is the hallmark of a distinctly Mormon mode of masculinity. As sociologist David Knowlton has written, “Mormonism praises the man who is able to shed tears as a manifestation of spirituality.” Crying and choking up are understood by Mormons as manifestations of the Holy Spirit. [...]

Art – from film to painting, poetry and music – is all about revealing the sacred, Caldiero said, and "Big Love's" temple scene was "beautifully portrayed." via Salt Lake Tribune.

Brigham Young sent a fiddler with each wagon train for that very purpose—so the travelers could dance, turn their hearts toward each other, and strengthen the social fabric of which they were part. via Meridian Magazine

The communications director for the National Endowment for the Arts is no longer in his job amid a flap over suggestions he suggested artists work to further President Obamas legislative agenda. via POLITICO.com.

From The Glenn Beck Program-

Boye sang "I Believe in Him," by Kenneth Cope, and a song titled "Word of God Speak," in the middle of his address. Boye's concluding counsel was in regard to entertainment. He encouraged the YSAs to be selective in their music and movie choices, stating that the content of rap and hip hop songs is [...]

YouTube – Alex Boye' finds his voice.

The first time Boyé sang in public was while serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Bristol, England. His knack for connecting with audiences became obvious as he performed LDS hymns and other music for church groups. At the conclusion of his service, his mission president's final advice to [...]

An expectant mother sat on a ditch bank listening and watching with 10,000 other people as the artist unveiled the statue July 25, 1932, then 18 days later she gave birth to the future apostle. "That was where my name Dallin comes from," Elder Oaks said. His mother was a devoted fan of the artist. [...]

“We have been working on the Stadium of Fire since February, but intensely for about a week preparing for the show,” said Brad Fletcher, production assistant for the event, from Lehi. “It’s a lot more work than people think and a lot is involved, especially what goes on back stage with crew people.” via Universe.byu.edu.

After four years of construction, the Springville Art Museum's new sculpture garden was dedicated Monday night. Among those in attendance: Lt. Gov. Gary Herbert and his wife, Jeanette, a Springville native. Elder Dallin H. Oaks of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' Quorum of the Twelve Apostles offered the dedicatory prayer. via ksl.com

Questions about Glenn Beck's faith are being posed by thousands of Internet-browsing Americans still exploring affiliations of the wound-up fury of fiery conservatism. Searches asking if Glenn Beck is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have recently reached an all-time high on the Web, according to an analysis of major [...]

OREM, Utah — Would you want to have a magical power that allows you to effortlessly produce food in your hands, anytime you wish? Such is the predicament of Ezra Chase in "The Adventures of Food Boy," which premiered at the 8th LDS Film Festival 2009 at the Scera Center for the Arts on Jan [...]

News Release – 18 January 2008 Orem, Utah – starrs universal, a Utah based historical documentary film company is pleased to announce a screening of Hallowed Ground, Sacred Journeys – Salt Lake City: Ensign to the Nations at this month’s premiere Utah film festival. No, not that film festival.   No, not even that other one. [...]

President Thomas S. Monson once taught of the perils we are faced through the purveyance of pornography.  This evil seems very enticing, so much so that some refuse to let it go.  In this modern day parable he teaches oabout a Tongan fishing lure, called a maka-feke. "Some publishers and printers prostitute their presses by [...]


September 19, 2008 (New York, NY) – Glenn Beck received the 2008 Marconi Award for Network Syndicated Personality of the Year from the National Association of Broadcasters. The Award was announced Thursday night at the annual NAB Marconi Radio Awards Dinner. Beck’s self-titled national show “The Glenn Beck Program,” syndicated by Premiere Radio Networks, launched [...]

The Easy Chair Musings by J.P. Starrs "Virtual Reality In Real Life." Lately I have been thinking about real world society and virtual society. Each day I am immersed in visual and aural messaging telling me about people, places and things I have never seen “in real life.” While it has become far more easy [...]

My family joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when I was nine years old. I enjoyed my early experiences in primary, and believed the messages I heard as I entered a new life with the light of the gospel. I loved the warm, safe feeling I felt when the missionaries were in [...]

Over six years in the making, Hallowed Ground Sacred Journeys is an interactive DVD and book set based on LDS Church Historical sites in downtown Salt Lake City.  With research and hosting by 5 BYU religion professors, and rich interactive media produced by award-winning filmmakers, the project represents an unsurpassed teaching and learning experience. "One [...]

(Ed. Note… This is a re-post from July, but because the speech dealt in part with 9/11, we are sharing it again.) Giving one of the most moving and important speeches of our times, Glenn Beck rises to the occasion of The Patriotic Service of America's Freedom Festival in Provo, Utah, and teaches all who [...]

During the 149th Annual Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in May, 1979, President Spencer W. Kimball made the following statement: "Now, my brothers and sisters, it seems clear to me, indeed, this impression weighs upon me—that the Church is at a point in its growth and maturity when we are [...]

In a state with more than 80 different theaters and theater companies, many of the smaller organizations are left competing for a piece of the resources-talent-and-money pie. More…

Seven semitrailer loads of emergency relief supplies from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints are on their way from Salt Lake to Gulf Coast church storehouses near the expected impact zone of Hurricane Gustav — and more is on the way. More…

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